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Herein find a listing of, hopefully, all* Tempest-related fic on the 'net. Enjoy.
* featuring Garth in a starring or significant role.

The Tempest FAQ.

Tempest, by Phil Jimenez

Listed by author.

Ang Griffen

Stand back, evildoer! Slash, Tempest/Arsenal. Garth was trying to have quiet soup time. Roy interrupts.


Robin Many Feathers. Slash, Garth/Dick, AU. Once Upon a Time. Dick Grayson of DCU is a prince in another land. Can he be the hero and save Garth? Based loosely on the fairytale Donkeyskin. (Rape warning.)

Carmen Williams

Shock Waves. Gen, responses to JLA: Our Worlds at War. News travels fast....

Also see the Sea and Sky series.


Swimming Against the Tide. Pre-slash, Aqualad/Nightwing.


Siren. Het, Garth/Babs.


UN-Sex Challenge. Slash, Tempest/Nightwing, also J'onn/Bruce. Written for Darklady's un-sex challenge.

Also see the Sea and Sky series.

Dannell Lites

Part of the Game. Gen. A Titans' Elseworld Tale! Who's killing great athletes? And is Dick Grayson next?

Garth's Very, Very BAD Day! Gen. Everyone has a bad day once in a while, right? Not like THIS they don't:):)

Heavenly Babysitter. Slash, Tempest/Nightwing. A Dracoverse story. Dick (Nightwing) Grayson and Garth (Tempest) need a babysitter for their adopted daughter:):) Guess who's elected? *snarf*

Draco Draconis. Slash, Tempest/Nightwing. A Dracoverse story. Draco discovers the true nature of his mentor Nightwing's relationship with Tempest and is far from pleased!

Also see the Sea and Sky series.


Fun and Games. Gen, Aqualad.

Panic. Gen, Tempest.

For King and Country. Gen, Aqualad.

Encounter. Gen, Aqualad.

Cooking with Honey. Gen, Tempest.

Talk Talk Talk. Gen, Aqualad.

Drew Moore

A Tale of Christmas Past. Gen, Aqualad.


The Changing Tides series. Het, Tempest/OC. Coming soon.
A Mother's Pride.
Finders Keepers.
Code of Silence.
Spirits in the Material World.
Boundless Bounty, Part One--What Starts Here.
Boundless Bounty, Part Two--Past Imperfect.
Normal Life.
Simple Gifts.


Missing You. Gen, Water-prompt drabble.


Hero. Slash, Aqualad/Nightwing. A Dracoverse story. Two Titans walk into a bar....

Valse Fantaisie in B Minor. Slash, Aqualad/Nightwing. A Dracoverse story. Titans stuff, from the old days. Some moments have power we never expect. Not really relationship fic. A decision point.

Also see the Sea and Sky series.


A Little Slice of 'Haven. Slash, Tempest/Nightwing. A Dracoverse story. Set a few years pre-HTB and shortly after Jason moved away from Blüdhaven. Dick and Garth are taking advantage of this chance to have time to themselves... (unfinished)

Keith Kilburn

Oceans Apart. Gen, Tempest.

Kerithwyn Jade, aka 'rith

The Sea and Sky series. Slash, Tempest/Nightwing, over 100 fics (...dude...), plus illustrations and photomanips. By 'rith and many other contributors including Dannell Lites, nw's chick, Chicago, Smitty, Carmen Williams, Domenika, Kael, Sevenall, Chastity Daze, MellyPol, Darklady, SKH, Elay, Cereta, ManEaterLad, A.J., Bevis, Tangerine, Gabriel Orion, Hotspur, Casey, and others.

The Thousandth Man. Slash implied, Tempest/Arsenal.
"...More Close Than a Brother." Slash implied sequel to The Thousandth Man, Tempest/Arsenal.
"With You in Any Water." Variant slash sequel to The Thousandth Man, Tempest/Arsenal.

Centering. Het, Tempest/Troia.

Jane Austen Was Right. Het, Tempest/Troia (also slash, Kyle/Connor).

Solo. Het, Tempest/Troia drabble.


Pawn of the Sea. Slash, Tempest/Nightwing. Rape warning.


(DCcomicslash list)
The Mirror
Cameras (Comicslash list [msg 6128])
No Day at the Beach [msg 2624]
Lovely [msg 2677]


(Batslash list) Finally Together (50 word fic)


A Dinner of Herbs. Slash, Tempest/Nightwing. A Dracoverse story. It's Jason's 21st birthday, and he's spending it being pampered by the Beldacci-Browns...with three uninvited guests. :)


You Made Me Proud. Gen. Tempest busts into the JLA Watchtower, what is he doing?

Son of the Sea. Gen. Scenes from Garth's Life, and an incidental cursory explanation of the importance of fins in Atlantean society, and why Arthur has them but Garth does not.


Garth drabble. Gen, Aqualad drabble.

nw's chick

First Embrace. Slash, Aqualad/Robin. Young Dick and Garth share a night to remember.

Baby, you can drive my car. Slash, Tempest/Nightwing. Dick, Garth, a fabulous car, and sex. Gorgeous. :)

Ice Cream. Slash, Tempest/Nightwing. Another take on the Garth/Dick relationship, and how it came to be.

Double Indemnity. Slash, Tempest/Nightwing, Tempest/Batman. Wonderful sillyfic. Dick's admirers get out of hand.

Bishtastic. Slash, Tempest/Nightwing. Dick notices something new.

Nowhere Home. Slash, Garth/Dick, AU. Dick looks for a place to stay.

Also see the Sea and Sky series.


Waiting Dick/Garth. Summary: Dick has the big lust for Garth. It may take him a while to get Garth to reciprocate.

Samy Merchi

All in a Night's Work. Gen, Tempest. As a tempest rages over Chester County, Pennsylvania, another Tempest rages against time to save as many people as he can from the merciless weather. But how much can he, even with all his Titan friends, do against the nature itself? And what if he can't do enough?


WWOMB (I learned the truth) At Seventeen (primarily Dick/Bruce)

Seraphim Grace

Comfort. Slash, Tempest/Nightwing. Set just after Graduation Day and the death of Troia.


Sealed with a Kiss. Het and Slash, Tempest/others.


Untitled series. Slash, Tempest/Nightwing.

First Connection
First Step
Morning After
Follow-Up Interview
First Time [discussion of underaged rape]
Merry Christmas
The Opening
Summer Camp
Welcome Home
Officer Down
On the Beach
Dry Dock
The Dogs of War
Happy Birthday

Sister Wolf

In Which Dick is Green, Much To His Dismay. Ficlet, Nightwing, Arsenal, Tempest offscreen.


Themysciran Wake. Gen, Tempest and Argent and Diana. Post- Graduation Day.

Also see the Sea and Sky series.

Bonus Tula index

Tula--Aquagirl--died in the Crisis of Infinite Earths. This was very sad.

People still write fic about her, though, and that is a happy thing.

Kerithwyn Jade, aka 'rith

Sea and Sky: Reverie Tula dreams about her future with Garth. Circa The New Teen Titans (vol. 1) #8. text version

Centering v.2. Remix. After the events of Titans #12, Donna seeks comfort with a friend. Cautions: f/f sex.


Going Gently Old age should burn and rave at close of day.

A Sea Change Tula and King Juvor.


Girls' Night at Titans' Tower Donna/Tula, NC-17.

Bonus other fic index

Related characters in Garth's world.

Letifos drabble by 'rith. Circa the Tempest miniseries.

Blood in the Water by Sevenall. Letifos and Garth.

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