Disclaimer: Power Girl, Dr. Mid-Nite, Wildcat, Crimson Avenger and the storyline belong to DC Comics. This little scene came from my own twisted imagination.

Author's Note: Mini-fic, to follow JSA #52. Spoilers herein. PG-13-ish for well, the humor that comes along with Power Girl.

Thanks to Carmen for requesting a drabble.

By Smitty

Karen Starr opened her eyes slowly, feeling grit in them as if she'd been asleep for a long time. She blinked and tried to life her arm to brush the grit away with her fingers. That was clearly a bad idea.

Everything pounded, ached, or burned. She tried to take a deep breath and realized a plastic tube strung across her nostrils was doing it for her. She cleared her throat experimentally and was pleased when an audible, if rough, sound came to her ears.

"Ah, awake already."

Pieter Cross. Handsome Pieter, his dark hair brushed back and his eyes hidden by his goggles. She'd never seen his eyes, never learned what color they really were.

"Do you remember what happened?" he asked her gently, his strong fingers wrapping around her wrist. Taking her pulse, she realized.

"No--I..." She closed her mouth and thought hard for a moment. "Wildcat. Crimson Avenger. She was going to shoot him. Is he--?" She slammed her mouth closed again and rephrased her question. "Where is he?"

"He's fine," Pieter said mildly, his hands moving to the side of her throat. "She shot him but fortunately, he had a couple of lives to spare. I think the important thing you forgot to mention was that she shot you, too."

"Right but--" I'm bulletproof. She glanced down at her body lying in the hospital bed. It wore a white hospital gown and was suspiciously sore in the chest area. "They should have bounced off," she said softly, finally able to lift a hand toward her chest. "The other bullets bounced."

"Well," Pieter said, catching her hand and laying it back down on the bed, "that may be. But that didn't seem to be the case with the Avenger's bullets. Went right into you."

"Oh, shit," Karen breathed. She glanced down at her chest again and determined that it was padded by several wide swaths of medical gauze.

"Indeed. I had quite a time trying to sew you up. Apparently your skin is still impervious to common needle and thread. Fortunately, I've invented a gel healing compound and managed to spackle you together with that. You were very fortunate," Pieter said gravely. "The bullets were slowed down well enough although one came perilously close to your left ventricle."

"What slowed them down?" she wondered aloud.

Pieter looked vaguely uncomfortable, before an expression of professional detachment masked his emotions from her.

"The bullets hit you in the chest area," Pieter stated. "They pierced the mammary tissue and pectoral muscle but were decelerated by the...mass."

Karen grinned and looked down at her chest proudly.

"Always knew they were good for something."


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