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Miscellaneous Noodling


Livejournal has provided me with yet another way to waste my time--babbling about life in a web log. (Blog.) Read the trials and tribulations of my cooking non-ability and my to-do lists here.


National Novel Writing Month is an online organization that supports participants who want to write a novel during the month of November. The goal is 50,000 words and the words "The End" with a novel in between by midnight on November 30th. I will be updating this my attempt, tentatively called Illusion of Safey through the month of November. On December 1st, it's coming down to be edited, beating into shape and possibly copyrighted. I hear that's what you do with a first novel before sending it around to be rejected by editors everywhere. I'm hoping that with a crappy first novel under my belt, I can move on to the business of writing good stuff. Feel free to send me encouragement, KITAs and chocolate if you deem necessary.

More Coming Soon...