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In winter of 2000, I started reading Nightwing, then segued the adventures of Robin, Oracle, Batman, etc. They are listed in the order in which I wrote them, which means it takes until Scar Tissue for the stories to start being any good.

Kitchen Talk

--I may never be able to understand how Alfred manages to do all he does, but I'll always know that he does them out of love for his family. [Text]


--He knew Dick and he knew Babs, and more than that, he knew them together, which was like knowing a third person. And that third person was dangerous. [Text]

Brain Freeze

--...the blue ones are the best... [Text]

Just Desserts

--Honey, Bruce Wayne lives alone in that big old house with the old man who was his parents' butler, and his teenage ward. What do YOU think is going on up there? [Text]

Scar Tissue

--"No one," she answered, her voice barely above a whisper. "I didn't want anyone to ever see that." [Text]


--The terminal velocity of fiberfill is rather low, and fortunately, low enough for Li'l Batgirl to squeeze Li'l Nightwing in a tight hug before they had to concentrate on landing on the Redbird. [Text]

Bat-Babies 2: Stocking Stuffers

--Li'l Nightwing sat in the alcove by the fireplace set, trying very hard not to cry. Crying got him all wet and soggy and sogginess was hard to explain. Plus, it made his stuffing lumpy. [Text]

The Most Toys

--Superman pajamas were one thing, Bruce thought jealously, but do you have to like his alter-ego better, too? [Text]

Youngest Son

--This isn't a fairy tale. [Text]

Operation: Birthday Cake

--"NOT THE KITCHEN!!!" [Text]

Birthday Blues

--Tim awoke several hours later with creases in his cheek and the very morose feeling one gets when one knows that his birthday has been all but forgotten. [Text]

Time Enough

--"If I cover your eyes and say 'Guess Who?' are you going to whack me with your sticks?" [Text]

Bad Girls Have Birthdays, Too

--Harley kicked a discarded soda can. "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to," she sang sadly, then burst into tears. Based on the animated series. [Text]

Making Amends

No Trains This Year

--"No trains this year, Alfred." [Text]

Come On, It'll Be Fun

--"I'm sick of being cannon fodder!" [Text]

The Best I Ever Had

--"Bruce Wayne ruins women." [Text]

Three Sidekicks, Two Cakes and a Single Candle

-- [Text]

Murder at Wayne Manor

--It was a dark and stormy night... [Text]

Christmas in Blüdhaven

-- Being Robin had brought him all the friends he'd always wanted. But it had stolen his father away forever.

Birds of a Feather

--"I think I should have pants." Written for the Timfinity challenge.

Birds of Prey

The Ol' Switcheroo


--"I was 29 the year before that year, too. Don't argue with a women carrying a Kalishnakov." [Text]

Love Stinks

--"I bought a new dress, Babs. It's red. It's short. It's breathtakingly chic. If I don't get to wear this dress, you're a dead woman." [Text]


Whispers in the Dark

--"I was also curious about me." [Text]

Just to be Safe

--"We wanted to make sure there was no…damage...done." Rated PG-15 [Text]


--"The person I was still exists but he neither defines nor confines me any longer." Aftermath of JSA 50. Rated PG-15 [Text]


--If Sand didn't respond, didn't give him some sign... Then Sand really was gone. Aftermath of JSA 50. Rated PG-15 [Text]


--"Always knew they were good for something." Aftermath of JSA 52. Rated PG-13 [Text]

Five Things That Never Happened to Jack Knight

--Nash's first mistake was sending the letter too early. Inspired by Five Things That Aren't True by Basinstoke and all that followed.

Past is Prologue

-- "It is the future, Charles," he said. "Everything is possible."

The Sand and Stars Series

Sand Hawkins/Jack Knight. All parts rated NC-17 for m/m sexual content.

Anything but Normal

-- "Normal" isn't as far away as you think it is.

Anything But Lonely

-- Maybe it's more than sex and waffles.

Anything But the Truth

-- Some relationships can't handle close scrutiny.


If I Had a Million Dollars

--If I had a million dollars, then I'd be Dick Grayson. [Text]

The Bestest Birthday Ever

--Roy offered her an arrow. "Happy Birthday." [Text]

Immortality Bites

--"On the surface, immortality seems like a very good thing to have on your side. " [Text]

Miz Jelena's Sweet Potato Pie

--"It's always nice to watch you win friends and influence people." [Text]

En Passant

-- There were no mirrors in the Checkmate headquarters, not even in the women's washrooms. Written for the Four-Color Heroines challenge.

Justice League Unlimited

Perdonare é Divine

--"I told my cousin about you," Helena said. "Now you're obligated to come to dinner." Based on the animated television series. Huntress/Question

Three Hours in Cadmus

-- "My girlfriend," Question said archly, "is not a nutjob." Based on the animated television series. Huntress/Question, Black Canary/Green Arrow, Wildcat


Quid Pro Quo

--"Bruce. Lex Luthor." Lex paused and let a slow smile curl across his face. "I'm calling in my debt." Based on the television show.

House, MD

Reconciliation of the Gods

--A Story in Which Nothing Happens and Nothing Is Resolved Written to follow "Babies and Bathwater".

The Gift of Giving Back

--"I asked you why you're getting Cameron a Christmas present. You don't get anyone Christmas presents." Spoilers for "Damned If You Do".


--It crumbles like so much dust in her mouth.

Harry Potter

A Bludger to the Heart

--"If you wanted to find James Potter, the first thing you would do is look for Sirius Black."

Star Wars

Star Wars was the first fandom I seriously participated in and I'm afraid some of the early stories are pretty scary.

Why Me?

Special Sauce

The Rookie

A Night of Stars

Malastare Stories

Stargate: Atlantis

Because I am a lazy bum, all the SGA links go to the livejournal entry. Additional information on ratings, pairings, spoilers, etc. can be found there. Some of the stories have a second part, which is linked at the bottom of the first.

Straight on 'Til Morning

--It was a pretty sad day when John Sheppard was the most mature person on the planet.

The Brendan Hypothesis

--Major John Sheppard looks exactly like Rodney McKay's ex-lover, Brendan Dean. The only problem is that Brendan died seven years ago and Rodney's quickly finding out that John Sheppard is an intriguing man himself. Sheppard/McKay, PG-13

The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

--In 1988, Cadet First Class John Sheppard stole a goat. In 2005, Major Lorne steals a Cat-Thing. It turns out that stealing mascots is never as good an idea as one would think. Sheppard/McKay, Sheppard/OMC, R

Sweet Spot

--Someone's been leaving Elizabeth chocolate in her top desk drawer. Weir/Caldwell, PG

A Non-Denominational Holiday Mission Report Or, How Rodney McKay Got His Head Out of His Ass and Learned to Decorate Christmas Trees Again

--"C'mon, McKay," Ford said with a grin. "You're the original Scrooge." Sheppard/McKay, NC-17

The Limited-Engagement Atlantis Christmas Spectacular

--2005's Advent Fic

Chanukah Ficlets

--Because 24 ficlets in 24 just weren't enough.

A Final Awakening

--"What is it with you and ascended women?"

One to Let Go

--"May take two to tango, but boy it takes one to let go." Weir/Sumner, NC-17

Jello Shots

--Jonas nodded. Perhaps Rodney was just as unsure of this mating dance as he was himself. Jonas Quinn/Rodney McKay, PG-13, Spoiler's for SG-1 6x01: Redemption 2

Rave Atlantis

--The nightlife on Atlantis is the lamest of any city John has ever visited. Sheppard/Cadman, McKay/Cadman, Sheppard/Cadman/McKay, Sheppard/McKay, NC-17 (Hosted by Zoe Rayne)

Close Only Counts in Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

--It should have been a brilliant arrangement. Sex that didn't count was vastly superior to no sex at all and had the added benefit of no attachments and no expectations. Sheppard/McKay, NC-17

You're a Good Man, John Sheppard

--World War I AU in which John is Snoopy and Kolya is the Red Baron.

Boy Meets Girl, Girl Cures Cancer

--Katie Brown didn't come to Atlantis for Rodney McKay. (Spoilers for SGA 3x17: Sunday]

The Best Things in Life Are Free

--The High School AU based on "Can't Buy Me Love" and including several side stories. [COMPLETE] Sheppard/McKay, NC-17

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