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Drabble Archive

DC Comics



Power Girl/Dr. Mid-Nite bit

Evil Spoon!

From the Potatoverse, for Noel.

Wonder Woman, John Constantine, and a bucket of ice

For Nika.

Sand Hawkins scene

Set between JSA SF&O #1 and JSA #1.

Roy/Dick + Grace

For Reccea.

Visiting Hours




One Lifetime


Marvel Comics

Spiderman/Daredevil bits

For 'rith and Firebird.

Harry Potter

James Potter Drabble

For Lise.

Lord of the Rings

Eowyn Drabble

Inspired by the movie trilogy.

Suitable: A Faramir Drabable

Inspired by the movie trilogy.

West Wing

Toby Drabble (Tiny Hats!)

For Lise.