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All In Your Head
Psylocke grows up and away from the X-Men.

Arabian Nights
Betsy on the run, Farouk in her head.

Birds - by the Snow
It starts with vision loss, because all bad things do.

The Brother of Sleep
Life with the X-Men is hard. The way out easier than it should be.

Betsy deals with sadism in her own inimitable way.Eat Your Heart Out
Lorna fights the enemy within. Graphic description of eating disorder.

The infamous fight between Betsy and Sabretooth (Uncanny X-Men #327) with a different ending.

Four Continents
Then there's the coffee in the morning.

Give Her the Living Child
Betsy finds out, the hard way, what motherhood is all about.

The Lady of Alkali Lake
What Jean wanted. Movieverse.

In Bed With Sinister
Lorna finds comfort where she can get it.

Man in the Mirror
Sex and violence and the hazy borderland between the two.

Missing Pieces
After Piotr Rasputin kills Pete Wisdom, Kitty changes her ways.

Northern Light
A plane goes down and Logan, Betsy and Jean find themselves stranded in Lappland, Sweden. WIP.

Slide Show
Charles Xavier has only found one way to shut Erik up, ever. NC-17.

Sonata of Moonlight and Ghosts (Kai/XM)
Kai and Betsy struggle to untangle a web of mistakes past and present. Kai is Kaylee's.

Sonata, Unfinished
Archangel finds out what he's been doing and to whom.

Sun Comes In
Nothing here can hurt Rogue.

To Be Near You, To Be Free (JAG/XM)
I liked the kangaroos. The rest, not so much.

Where Elephants Go
The end of the road.

Walking Through The Rooms In My Head
Betsy's first meeting with Professor Xavier and what he did to her whether he was a Skrull or not.


THE COMMON PEOPLE STORIES -- What is says. Everyday mutants, no superheroes, no spandex. The TCP concept belongs to Kielle.

A little girl and her cat. Oh, and all the lies.

The Third Eye
A mistake is no less terrible because you used your mutant power while you were making it.


THE PUBLIC RELATIONS ARC -- Will Braddock Worthington grows up during the new world order. Takes place in Alicia's Pantheon timeline.

A marriage of more than convenience.

Love cannot be forced.

Honour Among Thieves
Brussels and the first assassination attempt.

Longitude and Latitude
Betsy and Brian in Leuven.

The Denver Merge and Betsy has broken a promise to Will.

Pigeons on the Grass, Alas
Gramercy Park and the empty nest.

The Boy Who Didn't Die
Will at the Academy, with nothing left to learn about survival.

Yearning To Breathe Free
DC and Manhattan and even Siberia, but wherever Will goes, there he is.

Baltimore and a full recovery, this time.


THE MEASURE TWICE ARC -- Betsy in STRIKE and after.

A Really Funny Name
Everything comes out the way it is written.

The Queen and the Flag
They called them the Phonies.

Making Angels
Walking the halls of STRIKE's maternity wards.

There's only us, there's only this. Zach and Jack are Kael's.


THE STIFFE TWIN COMPASSE ARC -- If Douglas Ramsey had lived to marry Elizabeth Braddock.

Grow Old Along With Me
Betsy and Doug face the end of all things.

All of Her Friends Call Her Alaska
Dougís and Betsyís daughter Caroline messes up an operation and Kitty pays the price. WIP.

Something Old, Something New (Exc/LFN)
Caroline finds her way and makes a choice.

Shaving the Barber (Exc/LFN)
Betsy isnít happy about Caroline's choice.


ESSAYS -- A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Telepathy and Empathy: An Introduction

My Character Meme