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SEA AND SKY -- Tempest and Nightwing in 'rith's AU

Hot and Cold
Garth thinks about water.

Olympic Trials: Sink or Swim
The butterfly stroke alone is enough to send Garth into apoplexy.

Olympic Trials: Fish or Fowl
Diver Ulrika Knape was seventeen, Swedish and the reason Atlanteans started to watch television.

Safe and Dry
With Garth, you need to pay attention.

Salt and Sugar
They are neither of them that responsible.

Head over Heels
The prince was used to pretty legs being waved in his face and the little mermaid had nothing he hadn't seen before.

Tales and Truth
Bruce used to tell Dick tales until Alfred made him stop.


Dead End
J'onn has been there, done that, become extinct because of it.

The Hourglass
The fundamental structural unit of silicate minerals is a single silicon atom at the center of a tetrahedral array bonded to four oxygen atoms.