Because all the toys needed a home.



Spudverse Continuity

Spud's Map of Blüdhaven

Find all Spud's landmarks.*Warning: Loads slowly*

Trivia Games!

Test your Potatoverse knowledge, now in standard and Chicago.

Drinking Game

Every series has it's tradmarks, repeated phrases, and goofy stuations. And every good series can poke fun at them.

Secret Files and Origins

The hidden lives of the Potatoverse authors!


Wow, check it! The excellent and verbose Marcelo Rinesi wrote an article about August! This'll probably be the only article ever written about the Potatoverse, but I'm so awed it's getting its own section!


This is called "Smitty has a new toy and wants to play". Come play with us!


Potatoverse affiliates and how to become one. AND! Look at the pretty banners and buttons and tell A.j. she rocks!

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