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Name: Chicago
Secret ID: Jesse Quick
Base of Operations: Chicago, Illinois
Special Powers: Super-Beta; Speedreading
Weakness: Godo Green Guys

Chicago was born 30 plus years ago in the middle of the worst blizzard of the year and embarked on the typical childhood of your average military brat. This prompted an adulthood of continued restlessness and a very odd assortment of jobs and moves until she found Chicago (whose name she stole) and education. She reacquainted herself with comic books as a break from graduate school readings and stumbled into fanfiction, which she pointedly does - er, did - not write. Then one day, there came this email from Smitty saying Smitty had this story if Chicago wanted to see it because didn't Chicago "work with troubled kids or something?" And then Chicago accidentally fell in love with the Potatoverse. The rest, as they say, is history.

Pages Chicago Maintains:

Chicago's Library
Martian Manlove Homepage (Contains some adult content.)
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