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The Morning Workout
All in the Family
Ghosts of Christmas Present
Spin Cycle
Commuting is Suck
Gators for Grownups
Separation Anxiety
The Clocktower Arsenal
Paper Is Suck
Deadline is Suck
The Changing Table
Following Instructions
Spud and the Very Important Day

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2/08/04 Happy Birthday to Chicago! In celebration, we have many, many nifty things.

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Main Continuity

Coming Home by Smitty
The Graysons take in a new addition, only to realize that it's going to take more than sunlight and water to make their little Spud grow.

In Memorium by A.j.
An interlude to Coming Home, Barbara thinks about the child that never was.

Night at the Roxbury by Smitty
Take a nice calm dinner at the Graysons. Throw in some Bat-sidekicks, subtract one tater. Mix in one unscheduled social worker visit, and what do you get? Trouble.

The Morning Workout by Chicago
A vignette set in the early days of his tenure with the Graysons, Spud finds out that no one is immune to the violence of firearms.

Better Than a Necktie by Smitty
Father's Day with the Batclan is trickier than most, but throwing a new addition and a certain blonde bombshell into the mix is asking for trouble.

School Daze by Smitty, Chicago, and Kerrie
A set of stories detailing Spud's introduction to school.

The Story of Dinah and Bruce by Smitty
Dinah and Bruce (and Aquaman!) get a surprise they never counted on. And Tim is a peanut butter head.
IN PROGRESS New Part as of 7/1/03.

Spud and the Very Important Day by Chicago
Spud has a very important job on a very important day and makes some very important friends.

All in the Family by Chicago
The long-awaited adoption day solidifies Spud's place in the Grayson family, but there are still a few hurdles to overcome.

August by Smitty and Chicago
The tense tour de force of the Potatoverse illustrates that even a Bat-kid can't bounce back from everything. *Not recommended for sensitive readers.* (Off-site link)

August Alternate Ending by Chicago, Kerrie and Smitty
What if AUGUST didn't end the way it did? *Warning--major angst*

The Deed by The Seitz
Cass considers her first night with Tim. Rated PG-13 for sexual content.

Ghosts of Christmas Present by Chicago
The first real family Christmas meets with some bumps and bruises.

A Very Tim and Cassie Christmas by Kerrie Smith
All Tim wants for Christmas is a DVD player. All he gets is a month of madness.

Midnight Traditions by Smitty
A misunderstanding strands Arsenal and Arrowette in Titans Tower on the biggest party night of the year.

The Best Things Come in Small Packages by Smitty
Dinah and Bruce get a pair of pre-Valentine's Day presents.

Untitled Set by Chicago