Fanfic Lists

Outside the Lines (OTL) -- all comics-based fanfiction

LegionFiction -- Legion of Super-Heroes fanfiction
dc-fanfic-fanart -- DC characters participatory fanfic list
Haven Corridor -- DC characters fanfic list
Kicking-n-Byting -- Oracle and Black Canary fanfic list
Batslash -- Batman and related characters slash
Comicslash -- all comic characters slash
DCcomicslash -- DC characters slash
NC17ToonFiction -- Cartoon and comics adult fic
revolution-f -- Comic characters femslash
secondbananas -- DC secondary characters fanfic list
RoyHarper -- Arsenal-centic list
tempest_talk -- Tempest-centric list
Arsenal/Nightwing slash -- Arsenal/Nightwing slash list
BatmanAndRobin_slash -- Batman/Robin slash list
Batman And Superman -- Batman/Superman slash list
Black_Silk -- Batman fic list
Golden Age Comic Smut -- older characters adult fic list
Gates of Horn and Ivory -- Vertigo and independent comics fic list
Robin Slash -- Robin slash fic list

'rith's fanfic list
Alara Rogers' fanfic list
SKH's fanfic list
Smitty's Potatoverse fanfic list

Fanfic Archives -- Various comics fanfic archive, including Felicitas (revolution-f archive)
Mind Dance -- Various comics fanfic archive
The Family Archives -- Batclan and beyond archive
Fonts of Wisdom -- X-focused and Vertigo archive
Thundercrack -- The Dracoverse, KJ, Poi Lass, others archive
Second Bananas -- Underappreciated comic characters archive
The Last Arkham -- Alexis' and others fanfic archive
Woflie's Den -- DCU and other fanfic archive
The Aerie -- DCU and other fanfic archive
Firebird's archive -- DCU and other fanfic archive
Apollo/Midnighter archive
The Potatoverse -- Smitty's Potatoverse archive
Tempest -- Tempest (and Tula) fic index
A Taste of Paradise -- Batman/Wonder Woman fic archive

Homepages and Livejournals

Carmen Williams -- homepage and Carmen's livejournal
Chicago -- homepage and Chicago's livejournal
Dannell Lites -- Dannell's memorial homepage
Darklady -- homepage and Darklady's livejournal
Domenika Marzione -- The DMZ and Domenika's livejournal
Kael -- homepage and Kael's livejournal
nw's chick -- homepage and nw's chick/trixie's livejournal
'rith -- homepage and 'rith's livejournal
Sevenall -- always an excuse for it and Sevenall's livejournal
Smitty -- homepage and Smitty's livejournal
Tangerine -- homepage and Tangerine's livejournal

A.j. -- The Family Archives and A.j.'s livejournal
Alara Rogers -- and Alara's livejournal
Alestar -- aloha, pax deorum and Alestar's livejournal
Alexis -- The Last Arkham and Alexis' livejournal
Alicia McKenzie -- Argent Miscellany and Alicia's livejournal
Amanda Sichter -- Amanda's livejournal
Andraste -- Altogether Elsewhere and Andraste's livejournal
Dr. Benway -- archived at Fonts of Wisdom and Benway's livejournal
Beth Winter -- Graphomania in the Snow and Beth's livejournal
Blinky the Tree Frog -- Blinky's Tree and Blinky's livejournal
DarkMark -- DarkMark's Domain and DarkMark's livejournal
Dex -- Dex's livejournal
DC Nuts (Japanese)
EC online (Japanese)
GenX -- The Thin Blue Line and GenX's livejournal
Glockgal -- Glockgal's Doodles and Glockgal's livejournal
Jim Smith -- Jim's livejournal
Kael -- Kael's livejournal
Leono's Wingnuts Workshop (Japanese)
Livia -- Livia's Library and Livia's livejournal
Lucy -- Cereta's Web and Lucy's livejournal
Maggie the Cat -- Scribblings and Maggie's livejournal
Mara Greengrass -- Diversions and Digressions and Mara's journal
Maneaterlad -- The Dark Justice Archive and MEL's livejournal
Matt Nute -- Matt's livejournal
Minisinoo -- The Medicine Wheel and Minisinoo's livejournal
Poi Lass -- archived at Thundercrack and Poi's livejournal
Pollymel -- PollyMel's livejournal
ratcreature -- and ratcreature's livejournal
Reccea -- archived at The Thin Blue Line and Reccea's livejournal
Sandy Justine -- Justine and Sanj's livejournal
SKH -- Gotham City Fanfiction
Tangerine (Rhys) -- Tangerine's Dream and Rhys' livejournal
Te -- Teland and Te's journal

Batfic community
Comic scans community
Gotham community
Titans community
DCUniverse Newbie Guide -- a comprehensive listing of DCU livejournal resources

Comic Sites

DC comics
DC message boards
Comic Book Resources -- comic news
Pulse -- comic news
Newsarama -- comic news
Comics Continuum -- comic news
Buzzscope -- comic news and previews
SBC -- comic news and previews
Fourth Rail -- comic reviews
Sequential Tart -- comic webzine

Collected Issues of the Dark Knight
The BatSquad
Dark Knight Underground
The Dark Knight
Batman: The Long Halloween
Batman UK

Mark Stewart's Nightwing page
Dick Grayson: Nightwing
Grayson's Garage
The Trapeze: Nightwing and Oracle
Nightwing Art Gallery

Other Characters
The Unofficial Aquaman Website
Arsenal Unofficial Homepage
RoyToys: Unofficial Arsenal Fansite
Unofficial Home Page of the Atom
Avengers Assemble
The Batgirl-Oracle Site
Canarynoir (Black Canary) and Birdwatching: Birds of Prey (BoP)
The Continuity Pages
Man Without Fear (Daredevil)
DC Atlas
Unofficial Guide to the DCU
Unauthorized Chronology of the DC Universe
Places of the DCU (DC geography)
DC Magic Resource Page
The DC Weblist
DC Cosmic Teams -- 'rith's favorite research site
rec.arts.comics.dc.universe newsgroup (racdcu)
Those Who Ride The Lightning (Flash site)
Gay League -- gay characters and creators
Unofficial Green Arrow Fansite
Lantern Light (Green Lantern fansite)
The Green Lantern Corps
The Jade Page
Fact File: The Justice Society of America
The Annotated JSA Checklist
The Legion Help File
One-Nine-Hundred (Robin [Jason and Stephanie] site)
Post-Modern and Badass (Sand info and fic page)
The Starman Compendium
Superman Homepage
Tempest's Purple Reign
Titans Tower
The House of Vertigo
Women of Gotham
Wonderland: The Ultimate Wonder Woman Site

Creator Sites

Greg Rucka
Brian Michael Bendis
Geoff Johns
Devin Grayson
Judd Winick
Warren Ellis
Alan Moore
Grant Morrison
Neil Gaiman
Ed Brubaker

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