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All good things must end: this archive will be closing as of November 2016. To preserve the archive, members began manually importing its works to the AO3 as an Open Doors-approved project in March 2016. You can find the content in the new collection on the AO3. Please update your bookmarks!

Leah Adezio passed away on January 16, 2007. This page is intended as a collection of her writing and art. Please let me know if you have any of her work to contribute.

The icons on this page were taken from Leah's livejournal.

Pro Work

A sample page from Leah's comic, Ari of Lemuria:

A page Leah drew for Colleen Doran's A Distant Soil: Seasons of Spring:

Tempest: Emissary -- A proposal Leah submitted to DC comics for a followup to the Tempest miniseries.

Fanfiction and Art

Leah used "Elay" as a pen name for her fanfiction and art.

A sketch of Aquaman, done at San Diego Con 2000 (for Laura Gjovaag, who runs the Aquaman Website):

A large sketch of Dolphin done at San Diego Con 1995, drawn for and donated by Michael McCalister.

The Changing Tides series. Het, Tempest/OC. Coming soon. I have hardcopy that needs to be translated into digital files.
A Mother's Pride.
Finders Keepers.
Code of Silence. Leah sent me a file of this one a long while back. Incomplete.
Spirits in the Material World.
Boundless Bounty, Part One--What Starts Here.
Boundless Bounty, Part Two--Past Imperfect.
Normal Life.
Simple Gifts.

For the Sea & Sky Nightwing/Tempest slash series:

Illustration: Garth and Dick. Bare chests, nonexplicit.

Revelations and Conversations -- Leah wrote the conversation between Garth and Dick about Arthur's phonecall (Dick's pov) and the conversation between Diana and Arthur (Arthur's pov).

Affairs of State -- Mera does some plotting. Introducing Alianne to the S&S universe.

"The Embassy Fic" -- UNFINISHED. The parts Leah wrote, with additional notes and conversations that we had about it. COMING SOON.

If I remember correctly, this picture of Tula in variant costume was for a gigantic Titans AU project that Carmen, Falstaff, and I spent a year plotting and never writing. Leah was, of course, enamored of the idea that Garth could be with Tula again, somewhere. :)

"Silence Under the Sea" -- And this is why I never throw anything away: a scene Leah wrote for the AU, when Garth goes looking for a way to cross over into that alternate universe and the other Tula. From July 2000.

For the Dracoverse, a picture for Dannell's Heavenly Babysitter fic:



From Aquaman 54: when Garth needs help, who else should he go to? A sorceress named Leah, of course.

Elayne Riggs posted her remembrances of Leah, with links to many others: Pen-Elayne on the Web.

Laura "Tegan" Gjovaag has another at the Aquaman Website.

Here's mine, reprinted from my livejournal.

The first time I met Leah, I didn't know who she was. It was my first San Diego ComicCon, and as I wandered around completely overwhelmed and full of geek joy...I kept going by Artist's Alley, and the very friendly lady who was drawing there. We chatted a bit, and she drew me a lovely sketch of Shrinking Violet:

We hooked up again later over the internet in 2000, bonding over a mutual obsessive love of Tempest. Leah always reminded me -- joking! -- that she'd been in love with him since he was Aqualad, while I was a new convert won over by Phil Jimenez's miniseries. We both agreed that the character deserved a lot more attention, though. I was so, so happy to find that she approved of Sea & Sky...after some admitted mental adjustment on her part, since years ago she had written a very long fanfic romance series about Garth and an OFC named Alianne. Even better, I was *thrilled* when she wanted to write an S&S story introducing Alianne into my universe: "Affairs of State". She gave me permission to incorporate her version of the Atlantean language into S&S, and while that may not seem like a big deal, anyone who's ever spent time and effort developing an original universe knows what it means to be gifted with a part of someone else's.

Did you know that Leah was the one who suggested that Deep Blue was the unknown mother of Tula from Kingdom Come? Trust Leah to make sure all the pieces of Tempest's history, even the AU ones, made sense.

We continued to talk over the 'net for a couple of years, and met up again in person at San Diego in 2005. Leah, her son Daniel, Hawk, Darklady, and I went out to dinner one night after the show. Daniel was very adept at tuning out the Ladies Talking Slash, which was much to his relief and ours. She introduced me to Phil Jimenez and, she said later, told him about S&S, though I've never been brave enough to ask him about it. At the con Leah and I also did a lot of plotting and squeeing about a second S&S story she'd been working on, the one about the opening of the Atlantean Embassy.

She sent me pieces of the fic into early 2006, when health issues and RL concerns rightly took precedence. My last email to her was in her LJ in December, commiserating over her health woes and wishing her a happy, healthy new year.

Leah passed away on January 16, when I was out of town and without internet access...although there's no guarantee I would have known, since I only sporadically read the sites where the news appeared. On Monday, I sent out an update notice regarding some offpanel.net upkeep to all members, including a note to Leah that I was still looking into a way to have her old only-on-paper fic scanned into an electronic format for uploading. Carmen let me know that Leah wasn't going to be answering that email, or any others.

The Embassy fic will of course never be finished, and I'm selfish enough to be sad about that too.

I still have that pile of paper fic and the files on her unfinished work, along with one or two other pieces that she sent me over the years. Like with Dannell, it's my intention to put up a memoriam page as part of offpanel and keep it up in perpetuity. If anyone has fic or drawings that you'd like to donate, let me know.

There's a lot more to say, like how she'd had an extremely rough go of it the last couple of years between her own health issues and her husband's untimely death in 2003, and how much she loved her sons, and her own comic book work -- but Elayne said it better than I ever could, and more appropriately than me. In reality, I knew Leah only as much as internet friends ever do. But mutual obsession goes a long way toward furthering the bonding process, and she and I had many, many long talks and exchanged emails about our favorite subject. I still have many of those emails, and like Dannell's, they will never be deleted.

Good night, sweetheart. I love you.

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