Thunderbolt drabbles

by 'rith

Radioactive Man:

Jenkins thinks he understands, but he cannot. His Christian upbringing, his *American* mindset, attributes my confession to guilt, makes it about penance and righting the wrongs my powers have caused, through action or happenstance.

The count requires none of these things. It is *truth,* cold as fact, inevitable as the death I carry in my skin.

I do not know their names, but I know their number. Every last being poisoned by my existence, directly or indirectly. The count rises, inevitably, each day I walk upon the Earth.

I am become death. No amount of atonement can balance that scale.

[source: New Thunderbolts 9]



Erik has never been much interested in self-analysis. All the changes he's been through, they're just a part of this insane life he's chosen. *He's* not insane...probably.

Except that recently he's become a twisted reflection of the Hulk, and there's no way that won't end badly. The stronger he gets, the madder he gets.

The worst part, though, what no one knows, is that he's been getting...angry. Even when he isn't using his powers, and over everyday, ordinary, stupid things that shouldn't even register.

The rage is building, and he doesn't know what he's going to become when it explodes.

[thanks to Jim for the prompt]

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