Sea and Sky:

Do You...

by 'rith

I hadn't intended to write anything about this for awhile, but apparently I can't resist a DarkLady challenge, so....

Darklady issues a drabble challenge.
100 words ( give or take) ANY pairing.
Must start with the line :
"So. You want to get married?"
Give or take an adjective.

"So, when are you two getting married?"

Roy held up the paper with its huge "Massachusetts Approves Gay Marriage!" headline, his grin growing wider by the second. "You'd look so pretty in white."

"Fuck off, Roy," Dick replied casually, his eyes going automatically to Garth. They hadn't talked about it, and if--

Garth was looking thoughtful. "White is traditional, I understand, but hardly *appropriate,* don't you think? Considering."

"Considering--oh. The virgin thing." Roy shrugged. "Dude, no one pays attention to that anymore. I just wanna know when Grayson's gonna make an honest man out of you. Or vice versa."

"About the time you agree to wear a bridesmaid's dress, I think," Garth said, leaving Roy sputtering and Dick wondering if they didn't have something to talk about after all.


"So...*do* you want to get married?"

Dick tried hard to sound casual, but he'd been chewing over the question since Roy brought it up and really, it was too much to hope that Garth wouldn't pick up on that.

As predicted, Garth leaned back against the headboard and considered him with a knowing eye. "You've been fretting about that all day, haven't you. Worried that I might say yes?"

"No! I mean--of course not." Dick tossed him a rueful smile. "I'm feeling more foolish that I never thought to *ask.* Not because I didn't want...."

"I don't need a ring," Garth said softly. "I also don't need the approval of surface law to tell me what I already know. The ritual doesn't make what exists any more true."

Dick smiled in acknowledgment, but still felt he needed to explain his hesitation. "No, but...maybe if it felt less like a political statement. I don't want to be a poster boy for gay rights. I just want to love you."

"I can't think of a single thing that would stop you," Garth said, and threw back the sheet.