What Really Matters

A Tale of Robin and Superboy

by Bevis

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Author: Bevis (that'd be me then).
Rating: 18 (if you're a Brit like yours truly) or NC17, take your pick. ;) ) Explicit m/m slash.
Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to me. In fact they're DCs property and they have no idea what's going on between them.

The following fic takes place towards the end of the Sins Of Youth story line in Young Justice. Before Klarion, bum bum bum, the Witch Boy changes everyone back to their real ages Robin is alone in what was his quarters in the old JLA headquarters.

I'm old. Well, not old, only as old as Dick I guess. Or at least I look that old. . Through a mix of magic and science I've been aged to adulthood. But now I'm going back to a teenager. Tim Drake, high school student. Not that I want to grow up so suddenly but another day, another hour... There are things I could do. Things I'd like to do. But I guess I should wait till I get there normally, even if it's another five or ten years. But...

I'm lost in my thoughts when I hear the door open. Even though the sound of him has changed I know who it is. The way his presence fills a room. The smell of him. The change in the air.

"Come in Kon."

"Hey Rob. Umm..."

I turn to look at Superboy. Superman. Boy. Whatever. Except he's not a boy. Not now. He's been aged too and if he was good looking before now he's... he's stunning. A man. Just one hour...

"Are you OK?" I ask. I know Tana's death hit him hard and he's still angry but he seems to have got some of it out of his system now. Still he looks like he needs to talk. He looks like he needs a friend now more than ever.

"Yeah, I guess." He's holding something back. It's so obvious that it shows all over his face, in his eyes.

"Robin, I'm Superman. I mean I'm grown up. I never thought I would be."

"I know." Neither of us move. Kon is still standing in the doorway, not quite looking at me. His muscles shift slightly under the tight fabric of his costume and I scold myself for noticing how defined and perfect they are when that's probably the last thing on his mind.

"Rob, What if this is my only chance to be an adult? What if we go back and I spend my life at sixteen watching everyone else grow old around me and I'm juts left behind, always the boy, never the man?"

For the first time he looks directly at me and there's something in his eyes. Not fear. Sadness maybe. Regret or frustration, it's hard to tell, but those blue eyes are calling out to me. Looking for the words to say what he's feeling.

"Kon, I..." I begin, but he interrupts me with something I was expecting. Something I didn't dare expect.

"Robin, what if I lose you?"

I'm taken aback. Shocked, certainly, and delighted. A year ago I'd never have expected this, but now, to hear Kon tell me he doesn't want to lose me, is the greatest moment of my life. And the most terrifying.

"Kon", I say, looking into his eyes, "I'll never leave you."

I can see the tears in his eyes and a grin splits that gorgeous face of his. That face that is all the more gorgeous now for the added age. The face of a man. Like mine.

I hold out my hand to him and say, "Shut the door."

He does, in silence, and then takes my hand in his. I can feel him trembling slightly, as I am, but I pull him to me and once again our lips meet. Each time it sends a thrill through me. It sets all my nerves alight and I get lost in it. Completely lost.

And this time, this time, we're men. It feels more serious. It's not boys playing. It's not just 'experimenting', it's more, so much more. Maybe this is what Dick and Garth have. This need, this longing, and this feeling that when you're in his arms the whole world goes away and he's all there is.

Kon laughs and pulls away slightly.

"Robbie", he says looking at me, his eyes sparkling, "You need a shave."

He's right, I do, and it makes me laugh. All the tension in the room lifts and I realise I'm alone with a man who wants to be with me just because it's me. Not because I'm Robin, the Boy Wonder. Not because I'm a 'hero'. Because it's me.

"Kon..." I say, but he stops me with a finger on my lips.

"Shh. Don't talk. Just let's make the most of what we have now. Let's make this the moment that we never forget. Let's make it about us."

And then he kisses me again. Passionately and forcefully. His lips are soft, his tongue questing and I can feel his hands exploring my body. I wrap my arms around him and begin my own exploration. I know Kon's body so well, but now it's all new to me. A new thrill. It's changed and I want to remember every inch, every detail of it. The muscles in his back, in his arms. The fine lines on his face and the way his hair falls on his forehead. I want to know all of him.

I run my hands down his back feeling each muscle as I go, my fingertips making a record of each bump and curve. His hands are doing the same thing, stroking the back of my neck and making the hairs on my nape stand on end. Gradually my hands work their way down to the firm globes of his arse. I take them in my hands and squeeze them tight. Kon lets out a slight moan and pushes himself closer to me. I can feel his chest rising with his breathing and the heat coming from his groin is intense. I can feel the pressure of him pressing against me and my costume is starting to feel restrictive.

Gently I push him away slightly and place my hands on his chest. A chest that I longed to rest my head on before, but that now looks so broad, so expansive that I would feel lost leaning against it. But I want to get lost. I want to hold him tight against me and feel the warmth of his skin. I run my hands over his chest feeling the heat of his skin under the material of his costume, and run them down his stomach feeling each hard mound on his stomach. He has the most perfect six-pack and I want to kiss each of the muscles there. Finally I find the almost invisible seam of his top and lift it up, revealing the warm flesh underneath.

I'm a little surprised to see that now he's 'older' Kon has developed a fine covering of jet-black hair all over his chest. I've seen hair on a man before, hell Bruce has more hair than a horse on his chest, but this is the first time I've actually touched it. The first time I've got so close to it. I run my fingers through it enjoying the light tickle through my gloves and see from the look on Kon's face that he's enjoying it too. My hand brushes against one of his nipples and a slight shudder passes through Kon's body and a little moan escapes his lips. His nipples are hard and erect, two little studs on that fabulous chest of his, pink against the light brown skin and black hair. I bend my head and kiss one of them, tickling it with my teeth and gently teasing it with my teeth.

"Oh God, Robbie...", he moans and I bite his nipple again.

I feel his hands on my head and he pulls me up to his face again and kisses me deeply. I can feel his hands on my waist and he's lifting up my top too. When this first happened he couldn't wait to get me out of my costume but now the act of undressing each other is half the thrill. Neither of us want to rush this, neither of us want it to be over before it has to be.

Trying not to disturb the momentum too much I gently remove my gloves and then lift my top over my head and let it drop to the floor. Kon does the same and for a moment we just stand and look at each other. Unlike Kon my chest is still devoid of hair and the contrast just adds to the pleasure. The differences between us are one of the things that draw us together, His impulsiveness, my caution. His speed and my stealth. His chest, and mine. I look at the half naked man before me and I can feel the blood pumping in my groin. I can see clearly that Kon is in the same situation. The hair that covers his chest narrows to a thin line at the top of his stomach and runs down between his abs, round his belly button and then down into his tights, as if pointing the way to the prize that awaits me there.

I drop to my knees before him and kiss his stomach. I drive my tongue into his belly button and delight with the way that his sharp intake of breath causes his stomach to draw back. I kiss him again and again and each time he gasps. My hands are on the front of his thighs now and I run them down his legs, feeling the muscles there. Feeling the tension in them that is stopping them from buckling under him. I can understand that feeling because my legs are feeling like jelly too. Not through fear. Anticipation maybe, but it's a good feeling. Thrilling.

I look up at Kon's face and he has his head thrown back, his eyes closed, just drinking in the feeling of me being this close to him. Being this intimate. Then I look back at his crotch and clearly defined by the fabric of his costume are his balls and his cock, stretching the fabric out so I can see virtually every detail. Already there's a slight darker spot at the head. If he's leaking through the fabric already then that must mean he's got nothing on under his costume, and that's just about one of the biggest thrills so far. It's moments like this that I'm glad I've been trained by the greatest detective in the world.

I lean forward and press my lips to the wet spot, tasting the mustiness of sweat and the sweet saltiness of Kon's pre-cum. Kon gasps again but hardly moves. He has his hands by his side, but his fists are clenched. I lean forward again and kiss the same spot, but harder this time, pressing my lips against Kon's body. Running my hands up the inside of his thighs I kiss my way down Kon's manhood, kissing the large balls nestling at it's base, encased still in the red fabric of his tights. Then I move my hands up and take the waistband of Kon's costume in my hands and draw it down. Almost straight away Kon's cock is freed from the restrictive material and springs straight up before me. When he was just sixteen Kon was hung, but now he's huge. He has a mass of dark pubic hair from which rises a magnificent sight. His cock is thick and hard as an iron rod. Fine veins trace their way up the shaft to the glistening crown, weeping pre-cum at me. It looks so inviting, like it was put here simply for me. All for me.

Keeping my hands at the top of his thighs I lean forward and gently lick the pre-cum from his head. That slight touch sends shivers through both his body and mine. His cock jerks and I watch it with delight. I lick it again and then take the head fully into my mouth. It's warm and hard, but the flesh is soft against my lips and tongue. It's a new feeling, exploring him with my tongue, and my senses are almost overwhelmed. The smell of him fills my nostrils, the feel of him against my hands and mouth, the gentle moans that he keeps making, and the sweet taste of him in my mouth. Gradually I swallow more of him, taking him as far as I can, relaxing my throat muscles until I'm impaled completely on his cock, licking and sucking like it's the best thing I have ever tasted. And it is.

Then I feel his hands on my shoulders and he's pulling me off him, making me stand. I look into his eyes and think he's about to say something but instead he kisses me again. It feels like my lips are on fire and I never want to leave his embrace. I never want to stop feeling his hands on my body, on my naked chest. He's still kissing me but I feel his hands roaming down my stomach, feeling each part of me. Then his hands slip inside my tights and he's grabbed my penis. I never thought I could get this hard but the touch of his fingers on me makes the blood pump even harder and I swear I'm getting longer by the second. His fingers explore all over, tickling my balls, tugging on them. Then they're running up my shaft, his nail scratching slightly and making me shiver. And then he's stroking the head, smearing it with the pre-cum that I'm also leaking, making me slick and smooth.

Almost without realising what's happening I suddenly find us both leaving the ground. Slowly but surely Kon moves us towards the bed and then lets me fall back on to it. Carefully he then removes my boots and pulls down the bottom of my costume until I lie naked apart from my mask on the bed, with this man, this hero, standing over me. He removes the rest of his costume too and I just lie there for a moment marvelling at the magnificence of him. His chest, his perfect stomach, the enormous thighs and the huge cock standing straight up against his stomach glistening in the half-light and leaking profusely.

Then Kon is on his knees at the foot of the bed and is leaning forward to kiss my stomach. The feeling of his lips on my skin makes me shiver with delight. His kisses are so light and gentle they hardly touch me but they still set me on fire. I can feel his cheek brush against my cock and it makes it throb and drip more pre-cum. Then he's moving down kissing my thighs and back up again to my balls. I close my eyes and just lose myself in the moment. The gentle kisses on my balls and the air on my skin. Then he takes one of my balls into my mouth and I gasp with surprise and delight. The warmth and the wetness is like nothing I've experienced before. But that's nothing compared to the feeling when he moves up again and gently takes the head of my cock into his mouth. The warmth envelops my glans and his tongue is flicking against it very slightly, making me moan again. Looking down all I can see is my cock slowly disappearing into Kon's mouth. Even I'm surprised at the size my dick has become. I admit I had explored it earlier and loved the feeling of its thickness and length in my hands. It's certainly one of the advantages to suddenly being older.

Kon now has my entire cock in his mouth and is sucking and licking eagerly. I feel like my groin is on fire and I can feel myself getting pushed towards the edge. I don't want to come to soon so I put my hands on Kon's cheeks and pull him up towards me. My cock slips from his mouth and hits my stomach with a wet slap. But now with Kon lying on top of me I can feel both our cocks pressed together, sticky with spit and pre-cum, slipping between our stomachs.

"Robin", whispers Kon in my ear, "Can I... will you..."

"What?" I ask lost in the feeling of him against me.

"Will you fuck me? Please."

I'm a little taken aback by his request. I mean fooling around like this is one thing. Sucking him and him sucking me seems almost normal, but I didn't expect Kon to want me that way. Maybe I thought he'd want to fuck me, and whether I'd let him or not I'm not sure. Actually, yes I am, I wouldn't hesitate at all. I want to give myself totally to him and that would simply be another part of it. But me fuck him? That hadn't occurred to me. But now he's asked...

"If... I guess, if you're sure"

"Yes. I'm sure."

"Well, what about, you know, protection and stuff. I mean..."

Kon looks me in the eyes and smiles.

"Robbie, I've never been ill so I don't know if I could catch anything even if I thought there was the remotest chance you had anything anyway. And then there's also my tactile telekinesis. I'll simply set up a barrier between us..."

"Ok" I laugh, marvelling at the myriad uses that Kon's powers can be put to. "Thank you" says Kon, and again I'm surprised by the emotion in his voice. It's almost as if he was expecting me to up and run at the mention of the idea and now that I haven't he can't believe it's true. But it is, and I'm glad.

Gently Kon shifts on the bed until he's kneeling over me, his cock pointing at me and leaking on my chest. His hand goes behind him and finds my cock. Gently he guides me until I can feel the tip of my penis pressing against the gentle bud of his arse, warm and soft. Then with a grunt he shifts back and I feel the head penetrate him. His mouth was warm but the feeling of my cock entering his body is incredible. The heat and the tightness encloses me and it's all I can do not to cry out. After a moment during which Kon just sits with the head in him, he moves back again and I feel my entire length enter him. I'm hard as bone and can feels Kon's buttocks pressed against my groin, enveloping me. He flexes the muscles of his arse and it makes me gasp out loud.

Then he starts to move, slowly at first so that my cock is only just shifting, but then he starts to move faster and with more force. My cock is almost slipping out of his arse with each thrust and then sinking back in right to the base as he moves back. The look on Kon's face is a delight to see, eyes shut and lips just slightly parted. And bobbing in front of me is his cock. Years of practice have made me supple to say the least and so it's no problem for me to lean forward with Kon still on top of me and take his cock into my mouth. I don't think he was expecting it at all because it makes him jump backwards, impaling himself again on my cock, but it doesn't stop him.

After the initial surprise he gets his rhythm back and now I'm fucking him and sucking him at the same time. The warmth of his body envelops my cock and I have him in my mouth. He's hot and hard and smooth and the taste of him is almost indescribable. It feels like we've been like this for hours but suddenly I can feel myself about to come. I want to tell Kon, but I realise he's about to as well and so I just suck harder.

The muscles in his arse are contracting round my cock and I can feel his cock jerking in my mouth. Suddenly I can feel the spunk bursting out of me, flooding Kon's arse, and at the same time he cums too, filling my mouth. I throw my head back and his cock drops free and carries on spraying me with his cum. He's gasping and I can hardly breath with the intensity of it all. Soon my chest is covered in his spunk and I feel like I've cum more than I thought possible, with my still hard cock buried in Kon's arse.

Finally he looks at me and smiles. Leaning forward he kisses me and wiggles his butt making me gasp as it massages my cock again.

"Robbie", he says quietly stroking my sticky chest, "I want to keep this time with me forever. I know I have to go back to being my real age again, but I'll always have being here with you now. I may never be grown up, I may lose you, but it doesn't matter. Knowing you wanted me even for a time is enough for me."

"Kon", I say, "don't think that just because you've aged it's the only reason I did this. It was a chance to know you. To be with you and to love you. It's now because of how you look at this moment, or because you're not sixteen. It's because of who you are, and that'll always be true. Kon you're not just the way you look. The important thing, the really important thing, is what's here, " and I gently tough his forehead, "and here", touching his chest by his heart, "That's what really matters. That's who you are no matter what. What really matters is you."

And then I smile and take his semi-hard penis into my hand, feeling it harden again as I do.

"Of course if I get this into the bargain too then I'm not going to complain."

We both laugh and he looks at me again, smiling broadly.

"We should go back. The others will all be waiting for us now. They'll wonder what's happened to us."

"You're right", I say, still playing with his cock which is by now almost fully erect again, "But they can wait a bit longer. And besides, now it's your turn to fuck me."

And I was right. They did wait. And Kon did.


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