Waiting For...

by 'rith

a short birthday fic for Carmen



Kyle carefully put down his paintbrush, mind made up. He'd been debating it in his head long enough, no risk no reward, a Green Lantern was supposed to be fearless....

With a little internal wince at *that* particular fallacy, he met Connor's green eyes with his own. "What are we waiting for?"

Connor blushed a little but didn't, thank God, pretend not to understand. He unfolded himself from his kata position (which had looked *way* painful to Kyle), stood, and stretched briefly. This time Kyle didn't make any effort to pretend he wasn't watching his friend's athletic form. "Our Writer has a lot of plans. I didn't want to make things more difficult...."

Kyle snorted. "Who knows how long it'll take for *her* to get around to actually writing something. You know she's cooking up another AU, a fantasy one?"

Connor nodded. "'The Green Knight and the Mage of Jade.' I have to admit I like that idea."

"Sure, so do I, but it's *another* variant on the list, and meanwhile you and I just...wait." Kyle grimaced. "I'm really tired of waiting, Conn."

Again that faint blush, hard to see under Conn's dark skin but clear enough if you knew what to look for. And Kyle had been watching. It was almost too much when Connor said quietly, "So am I."

"Well then...." Now Kyle flushed, and on *his* face it was all-too-noticeable. To cover it he had to say something. Anything. "You know, I was talking to Nightwing, and HE said they--he and Tempest, I mean--don't even bother to wait for *their* Writer anymore, they just do whatever they want and make her transcribe it. Like they weren't even fictives." Nightwing had also grinned and said that they had the most fun tormenting their Writer with...images...when she was supposed to be working, but that was maybe a little more than Connor wanted to know. "They're, like, *months* ahead of where she is, and she just kinda grumbles at them and shakes her head, and meanwhile they're *happy,* Conn, it's not fair that we should--"

Somehow he'd missed Connor moving, because suddenly he was standing right next to the drawing board and smiling, God, that smile always floored him. "You're right."

Kyle gulped and couldn't tear his eyes away from that *look* that seemed to promise everything he'd been hoping for. "I...am? Right. I am." Which meant he could finally say it. "I lo--"

Connor's hand came up and covered his mouth before he could finish it. "Shhh. I know... and I do, too." He was still smiling easily, eyes bright. "That's for the end of a long story, a dramatic scene... we can leave that for her." His eyes went thoughtful. "But other things...."

That was all Kyle needed to hear, as much of an invitation as he needed. He kissed Connor's warm strong hand over his mouth and then they were kissing for real.

...and later he couldn't help it, said it anyway, gasping under Connor's touch; but it was okay because Conn whispered it back, something secret just between them until it was time for the rest of the world to know.

Their Writer would just have to catch up.


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