World's Finest: Epilogue

A Tale of Robin and Superboy

by 'rith

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Warnings: M/M themes with underage doodles.
Fandom: Modern comicsverse. Robin/Superboy. Final segment in the "World's Finest" series, which can be found at (Set within the first few issues of Young Justice.)
Disclaimer: All characters property of DC Comics, no money made or infringement intended by use. What I have done with them is mine.


Somehow we became a team, Young Justice. We treated each other as teammates, nothing more, and Impulse never had a clue.

...No surprise there, really.

I don't think the girls realized anything either, though once in awhile I thought I saw Cissie eyeing us thoughtfully. She never said anything, though.

But every time I tried to talk to Kon alone, he ignored me. Or worse, he gave me a *look,* totally cold, and then turned on his persona.

It wasn't good for the team. It wasn't good for US.

I waited until Impulse was absorbed in the Playstation and the girls were busy doing something without us in another part of the cave. Female-bonding, I guess.

"Can we talk? Please?"


I thought about flying away. I wanted to. But there was this team, and I wanted this team so bad I could taste it, and-- "Sure."

"I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry." He looked just flat-out miserable. "I shouldn't have-- I didn't want to hurt you. It shouldn't have taken me that long to figure things out."

I shoulda just let it go. But I wanted to know. "'Things'? Like what?"

"Well, like...." Robin sighed. "When you kissed me, that first time, it was really good and I thought that maybe I was gay, or, or, you know, bi."

"Yeah, and?" Sheesh. As if I needed a *label* to tell me what I was. Got enough of that being clone-boy.

"And, I'm not. I don't-- I just don't feel that way. To you, or any guy." I swear, he actually sounded like he was *apologizing* for that.

"But...." Shit, I didn't want to argue. But I wanted to understand! "But you liked it, I know you did, so how come it's not any good?!"

He looked about as helpless as I felt. "I's not enough, Kon."

"It was enough for me," I didn't say.

Guess I'm glad that I didn't say it. He felt bad enough. I felt--probably worse, but hell, that wasn't his fault. Guy can't help the way he's made, right?

Ha. That's almost funny. be TOTALLY honest...I didn't want to know if it was just the me-being-a-guy-thing he wasn't into...or *me.* The Kid's not supposed to have those kind of thoughts, you know?

So, but...ah, hell. I couldn't stand that look on his face. "Then...I guess that's it, then."

He looked relieved for a sec, then totally covered it. Bat-face. Wish I had one of those. "So we're okay?"

"Yeah." Yeah, I could be cool. Not like we'd *really* been anything, anyway. "Yeah, no prob. World's Finest, right?"


Right. I looked around for the others. Y'know, that Arrowette's pretty cute--

{end fic, end series}

Grateful thanks to everyone who assured me I hadn't lost it completely with this take on the boys: KayJay, Dannell, Kael, GlockGal, Smitty, Becky, and *especially* Carmen, who kept kicking me to post when I really didn't want to. *smooch* You keep me honest, babe.

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