Sea and Sky:


by 'rith

Domenika said: 'rith should use the word(s) "obstreperous" and "priapism" in her next fic.

Garth fell back against the torn and sweat-stained sheet, groaning. "...again? I begin to suspect priapism."

Dick paused, then glanced down at himself and grinned. "Neither painful nor unwanted, I assure you."

"I misunderstood the term. Insatiable, then."

"Yeah, but you knew that."

"Voracious," Garth continued softly. "Ravenous. Fervent. Demanding."

Dick stretched, a whole-body movement, putting himself on display. "Obstreperous, even, if denied. And you know it makes Clancy nervous when we get loud."

"Really? I thought she might be outside, ear pressed to the door."

"You're thinking of Toni."

"Not now, I'm not," Garth said, and reached for him.

{100 words}