50 word fics

by 'rith

Aya posted on ToonFic: 50 WORD Challenge! (yep you read it right, 50 words) smut optional, but worth pats on the head, using the following line as your first sentence:

Holy S#!^! You're a virgin?

*sighs* Aya is a demon. I NEEDED to work today. Instead...here's four for the price of one. Three slashy, one het.


"Holy shit! You're a virgin?"

Connor glanced at his friend, dryly amused. "Sorry to disappoint you."

Kyle shook his head. "*Why?* Never mind the monastery, you've been out of there awhile."

"I wanted..." Connor blushed. "Someone I couldn't have."

Kyle held his gaze. "Maybe you haven't asked the right person."

{50 words for my second-favorite slash pairing}


Roy froze. "Holy shit! You're a virgin?"

"Not any more," Jesse murmured, reaching up to touch his face. "It's okay, Roy."

"I didn't... hurt you, did I? Why didn't you tell me?"

She smiled. "You didn't. And I didn't want you to freak."

"Too late," he muttered. "Jesse, I..."


{50 words and a wink to Carmen, who convinced me they really fit together ^_^ [and I don't think Jesse is, but I like the image. :D]}


"Holy shit! You're a virgin?"

"Say it a little louder, why don'cha," Gar snarled, "I don't think the whole Tower heard you."

Wally looked abashed. "Sorry, man."

"Not too many..." Gar hesitated, then finished, "...guys interested in dating a green-skinned freak."

Wally considered, carefully not reacting. "How about Connor Hawke?"

{50 words. Setting guys up with Connor is becoming a running in-joke in slash fic. ^_^}


Jack Knight lowered his voice to a whisper. "Holy shit! You're a virgin?"

Sand glared. "I was a teenager. Then the sand monster thing. Now...."

"Not into the bar scene, huh? Listen, you're young, you're cute, you'll find someone."

Sand blinked at him. "You think I'm cute?"

Jack grinned. "Definitely."

{50 words for my third-favorite slash pairing}

{end! whew}

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