The King's Speech: Unconsummated

by 'rith

You know how you watch something and you get a drabble in mind and you know that's all you'll ever do for that fandom? That's this.


They are not intimate. All their lives, throughout their long friendship, they never share as much as a kiss.

Bertie loves his Elizabeth; Lionel loves his Myrtle likewise. Bertie is the heir presumptive, and then the king. Lionel is Bertie's *doctor,* or at least confidant and advisor, bound by oath no matter his lack of degree. That last, if nothing else, stands as the greatest barrier to impropriety.

Theirs is a romance of the heart and of the voice. Neither feels the lack of more, particularly, given circumstance and inclination. But when Bertie speaks pure and clear, Lionel hears love.

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