Sea and Sky:


by 'rith

'rith: ...[Garth] and Donna don't flirt, precisely, but at times there's more contact between them than casual friends.
domenika: Sort of like how straight women sometimes are with gay best friends? Except Garth isn't, obviously, so it's all the stickier...
'rith: Yeah, actually, that's a good comparison.

I'd never noticed, before, how much she touches him.

And how much he touches her in return.

It's not sexual. Just...friendly. I shouldn't be surprised; Donna always expresses her affection for her friends openly, physically. Kory taught me how to love, but before her, Donna taught me how to *touch.* I don't think she has any idea how surprising, and appreciated, a careless welcoming hug was in contrast to Bruce's careful distance, Alfred's precise formality, and even Leslie's maternal embrace.

It's only that now, watching them together, I can't repress a familiar twinge of jealousy. I want to peel her hand away from where it's casually resting on Garth's shoulder and replace it with my own. The feeling becomes more intense when he reaches up to entwine his fingers with hers in a gesture that isn't, I think, wholly conscious. It's a motion that speaks of shared history, mutual loss, and perhaps even a whiff of might-have-been.

Might-have, not might-*be,* and I know I'm foolish to feel threatened. Especially given how rarely Garth finds such easy familiarity. And yet....

Then he glances over at me, and though his hand doesn't leave Donna's, the smile in his eyes is mine alone.

{200 words}