Talia Infinite Crisis drabble

by 'rith

In another lifetime (Talia thinks, watching Adam from under lowered eyelashes), they could have ruled the world.

She's not entirely unaware that she's attracted to the same qualities in him that once (still) drew her to Bruce. It's apparent in their dedication to their sworn kingdoms, both men full of darkness and determination and, despite obvious differences in modes, utter ruthlessness.

They aren't otherwise alike in the least, and the comparison doesn't hold. But with either man by her side, she could have--

It doesn't matter now. Her father's dream is dead, and Talia is ready to build her own.

(from an offhand comment in devilc's journal [http://devilc.livejournal.com/28562.html] and I still hope she writes it, someday)

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