The Birds and the Bats:

Talia, post-Babel

by 'rith

More ancient fic. Talia, post-Babel.


So, Beloved. it always to be too late for us?

Just when I have at last made my break, betrayed my father for your sake to save you from his plans once again...this other woman, this impious *Cat*woman, has usurped my rightful place by your side.

I should have known. I should have anticipated. And perhaps, after my last act for my father--disabling your Justice League comrades with plans of your own devising--I should have realized you would never trust me.

But then, you never did. No matter how many times I said, truthfully, that I would leave my father for you, abandon his empire, betray one loyalty for never believed in me. Your rejection forced me to remain true to him, do you see? I was sworn to you both...and always caught in between. If you would not have me, Beloved, I had no choice but to remain with my father. Who needed me as you did not.

But I have finally had enough of being a pawn. I have lost my taste for the wholesale murder my father intends. I agree with his ideals...but his actions have become monstrous. Or perhaps they always were, and this latest scheme merely allowed me to see him for what he truly is. That he would use me against *you*...that was the final straw.

And now having left him, I have neither the comfort of filial duty nor the solace of your touch. I am on my own for the first time, free to choose my own destiny....

I hate it.

Not an *enlightened* view. Not a *Western* view. But you never understood these things that shaped me: duty, loyalty. Love of my father, and of you. I was born for these things. Now both are lost to me.

One thing remains. My one last remaining obligation, my only joy.

My son.

And yours, Beloved. I named him as I believed you would have, for your father. Thomas Ibn Xu'ffasch has your name and your legacy--and I hope, one day, your approval and love. I never intended to hide him from you forever. Even if you never accept my love, even if you never allow me into your life. Our son will know of you, I will teach him to love you--and when he is old enough, he will go to you. To learn from you, and simply for your sake. Because a man should know his true first-born son.

Looking at him, I hope you will see that I always loved you as well.

...Still. Perhaps we need not remain forever apart. I learned patience at my father's side. I learned patience waiting for you. I can be patient.

Until we meet again, my love.


What do you mean, "Son of the Demon" isn't canon anymore? It should be.

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