by 'rith

Darklady, who has a way of offering up challenges that EAT MY BRAIN, proposed the following on the DCcomicslash list:

"(A) floating rainbow globe of wild magic is out there, pairing up people at more-or-less random and inspiring them to... romantic associations... that might otherwise not occur. (Is that a polite enough circumlocution?)"

*sigh* Thusly, a drabble.


In a solitary brownstone in New York City, a man sits reading, his composed demeanor encompassing more than simple relaxation; his aura suggests a kind of serenity in the man himself, an unusual sense of balance.

For no apparent reason he glances up from his book, frowning, as if listening to an inner voice. He stands, moving to the window to draw back the curtain, and glances down at the city below.

"Wild magic? Something has been set loose in the air."

As if summoned by his words, a multicolored aurora flashes into being, bypassing all his defenses and twining itself around him, through him.

Where there was one, there now stand two. The man stares at the other, dumbfounded. "What--"

"My dearest Richard." The woman's voice, unheard other than in his mind for years, sounds husky to his ears. "When you have been the beneficiary of a miracle, you do not *waste* the opportunity. Particularly when it may be ephemeral."

Richard Occult reaches to catch her hand in his. "My darling Rose," he says, bringing it to his lips, "as ever, you are the wiser half of myself."

In a shared brownstone in New York City, two-who-are-one again become one, this time by choice.

*performs exorcism*

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