Sea and Sky:

Untitled Shmoop

by 'rith

Because Alestar wanted Valentine's shmoop. It's pointless, really. Sometime it may even get a title. *g* Thanks to Becky for giving me the way to finish it off.

"I'm not sick."

"Yes, you are."

"I don't *get* sick."

"All the used Kleenex in the trash says different. Unless you've been--"

(low growl)

(smirk) "They don't call me the World's Second-Greatest Detective for nothing, you know."

(plaintive) "I really don't feel well."

(concerned) "Garth, d'you want me to call Dr. Leslie? Or a doctor from the embassy?"

"No, I think I just need to rest."

"C'mere." (press of lips to forehead) "No temperature."

(small laugh) "Is that a precise measurement?"

"Best I know. Dr. Leslie swears by it. ... Probably just a cold. Get some sleep, okay? I've got a few errands to run, be back in a few hours."

"Go on, Dick, I'll be fine."

"'kay. Back in a while. Love you."

(mutter mutter)

(quiet snicker) "Grum-py...."

(from bedroom) "I heard that!"

"Heh." (pause)

(lock the door, down the stairs, and out to the payphone on the corner) (dialing) (pause)

"Hey, Alfred, it's me." (pause, smile) "Yeah, great. But listen, can you do me a favor...?"

~ a few hours pass ~

(peeks in) "Hey, you're up."

"Barely." (sniffing) "That smells good.... What is it?"

"Alfred's chicken soup--I mean, vegetable soup. He adapted the recipe. It's got magic ingredients. Guaranteed to cure just about anything!"

" went to Gotham for that?"

"Yeah. Here, don't move, let me get you a bowl."

(clatter of dishes on a tray)

"He sent along some of his chocolate-chip cookies, too."

(smirk) "Are those for you, or me?"

"Eat the soup or you don't get any."

"...this is good. Dick, you didn't have to--"

"Yeah, I know, be quiet. Like you don't fuss when *I* get sick."

"But you 'suffer beautifully.' Better than I do."

(blink) (blink) "WHAT?!"

(innocently) "Isn't that the phrase?"

(rolls eyes) "Oh, cripes, you found the MulderTorture site, didn't you."

"YOU bookmarked it. Something you're not telling me, Robbie?"

(sulky) "Yes. I have an overwhelming attraction to a fictional obsessive FBI agent. ...Besides, it's Babs' fault. She started it with a rec. I was just following links."


"...Alfred will be pissed if you don't finish that." (pause) "Garth, listen, if you need to-- the 'Haven air is crappy, I know, no good for your lungs, and your spell puts a strain on your system. If you need to go home--"

"Dick! I'm all right." (wry smile) "I'm not as fragile as I used to be."

"I know that! I didn't mean-- I'm allowed to worry, that's all."

(caress of thumb against cheekbone) "I love you, too." (smile) "Do you really have a crush on Fox Mulder?"

"Nah. Too whiny." (smirk) "Krycek, though--"

"You just like his leather jacket."

"Yeah. But Scully's my favorite."

"A sexy, intelligent redhead? Imagine my surprise."

(laugh) "Got me there. ... You feeling better?"

"Some. ... You don't have to babysit me, if you need to patrol...."

"Hey, how often do I get the chance to keep you in bed, completely at my mercy?"

(raised eyebrow) "Like last Saturday? Or the week before, at the Tower? Or--"

(grin) "That was *different.*" (softly) "Besides. I like taking care of you. 'Cause you do for me, all the time."

(indrawn breath) "Robbie...."

"Oh, there you go with the *eyes* -- not fair. You need sleep, not sex!"

(pout) "It might make me feel better."

(laugh) "I can't believe *I'm* saying no. Sucks to be the responsible one."

"Well, usually the sucking--"

"Don't finish that! Tell you what, lemme grab the laptop and sit with you while you rest, 'kay?"

(knowing look) "And you think whatever you'll be reading will be conducive to *sleep?*"

(primly) "I don't just surf the Net for smut, you know."

"Judging by your bookmarks, the odds were pretty good."

(grin) "Wow, you do get snarky when you're sick. It's kinda cute."


"Heh. Scoot over...." (shift) (rustle) (snuggle) "Comfortable?"

"Mmmmm-hm. Read to me."

(smile) "Well, Babs *did* find me this new story-site about us. The Titans, I mean. In, um, various combinations."

"Are they...any good?"

"Some of it's actually not too bad...they don't get the names right, of course, and it's all kind of idealized, but it's interesting to see what people think of us." (grin) "We have some pretty *ardent* fans out there."

(glance) "I see 'Nightwing' gets a lot of attention...."

(embarrassed laugh) "Uh, yeah. Um, let's see what else is here...." (snicker!) "Oh, man, here's one about an Arsenal and Flash 'team-up.'"

(stare) "Roy? And *Wally?!*"

(laugh) "I know, I know! He'd have a fit!" (musing) "I wonder if Linda knows about this stuff...."

(curious) "Are there any about us?"

"A few. But they're not as good as the real thing." (kiss)

(smile) "Of course not, Dick, they don't have any idea of how *flexible* you really are."

"Thanks. I think." (grin) "Okay, here goes. 'It was a lonely night at Titans' Tower...'"

{end. probably. *g*}

Written by 'rith, archive--ask first, characters property of DC Comics and no copyright infringement intended by use.