Sea and Sky:

Batslash Challenge Drabble #2: 150 words

by 'rith


Another two lines used... oh, yeah, and sex. ;)


In an instant he was picked up, carried into the bedroom, clothing falling away under impatient Atlantean hands.

"I must be a better kisser then I thought," Dick thought dazedly, then stopped thinking when Garth's mouth found his again.

Their bodies formed familiar tangles, hands and mouths sliding over much-loved flesh. "Missed you," Garth murmured against his skin.

"I was only gone for a couple of hours," Dick laughed, not protesting because if *this* was the reaction to his returning from patrol, his nightly excursion would become even more anticipated. A greater reward than flying.

*Much* better than flying, as the conjunction of bodies in harmony brought them both to a gasping conclusion. Dick thought of the Titans manga published in Japan, imagining a translation of their private "adventures"....

"Our heroes have reached and passed a climax," he choked out, and Garth laughed with him at the absurdity of it.