Space: Above and Beyond drabble

by 'rith

Archive: Ask first, please.
Fandom: Space: Above and Beyond, the episode with Duchovny as an AI pool shark.
Notations: Vaguely het.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.


He calls himself "Handsome" Alvin, but to Vansen he's just another fucking AI, like the ones who killed her parents.

His touch makes her skin crawl. His touch makes her


want to put her pool cue through one of those blank receptors that pass as his eyes.

She keeps coming back, to this ship, to this pool table, and even a fucking AI knows by now it's not just for the game.

He fascinates her, and even through her shame Vansen can feel his cool gaze on her body, on her skin, and she knows that one of these leaves she'd going to find out if he was programmed for more than pool sharking.

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