Sea and Sky:

Rough Love

by ManEaterLad

He took him on the beach, among the pounding surf and with gulls screaming overhead. It was an impulsive move and one Garth never thought of resisting.

They were alone, walking the shore, not talking about anything. But Garth knew something was bothering Dick. He could tell from the set of Dick's shoulders, the shadow in his eyes. It had been Dick's idea to get out of the Haven for a little while. They had driven down the coast, the sun dipping beneath the western horizon. At sunset, Dick had turned off the main road and parked them along this stretch of lonely beach.

For a moment they'd sat in the car. Dick's hands were tight on the steering wheel, the muscles in his arms tense. Concerned, Garth had reached out, laid his hand on Dick's arm.

"What's wrong?"

Dick had said nothing. Just looked over at Garth, with something dark and hot in his eyes. Garth had felt a little shiver go through him. Fear or passion, he wasn't sure which.

Then Dick had leaned across and kissed him. The move caught Garth by surprise. So did the passion behind that kiss. He opened his mouth and Dick took advantage of the situation, his tongue darting hot and fierce against Garth's own.

As quickly as the kiss had come, it ended. Dick moved away and Garth was left sitting there, literally gasping for breath. Dick looked at him, his eyes still burning with some undefinable passion, then looked away.

"Let's walk along the beach."

He climbed out of the car without waiting for Garth to answer. Garth touched his mouth, and drew his hand back surprised to find a drop of gleaming scarlet on his fingertip. Dick had bitten him, and Garth hadn't even felt it.

Climbing out of the car, Garth caught up with Dick on the beach. They fell into step as the sunlight faded and the wind began to get chill. Every few moments, Garth would glance at Dick, but his lover never looked back and Garth said nothing. Overhead, the gulls screeched and circled.

Dick took his hand, his grip firm and hot. They stopped walking. Garth looked at Dick, a silent question, and felt Dick's grip on his hand tighten.

Slowly, Dick took a deep breath and exhaled. His grip on Garth's hand did not ease. He looked into Garth's eyes. Garth stepped close to Dick, took his other hand, pulled him into an embrace.

"What can I do to help?

In his arms, Dick trembled. Garth ran a hand through hair dark as midnight, soft as silk. His fingers stroked the back of Dick's neck. He whispered into Dick's ear.

"I'll do anything."

A low moan escaped from Dick, and suddenly he was pressing against Garth, clawing at his neck and back. He pulled Garth down onto the clammy beach. The wet sand chilled Garth's knees through his jeans. Dick's mouth was a hot counterpoint against Garth's throat and neck, as his hands shoved down Garth's pants. His fingers found Garth's cock, wrapped around it, squeezed and kneaded it roughly into slick hardness. Shuddering, Garth pressed himself against Dick, even as his lover bent his head and found Garth's nipple, biting it through cotton cloth.

Gasping, Garth reached between them and fumbled with Dick's jeans. His hands were batted aside, his mouth attacked by his lover with bruising kisses. Dick's hands gripped his shirt and tugged at it. Garth's eyes opened in surprise at the sound of cloth tearing and the kiss of the chill wind against his belly and chest.

Dick threw the ruined shirt aside, planted one hand on Garth's chest and the other around his cock. He pushed. Garth fell back and Dick began to jerk his cock with ruthless passion. Dick brought him close, oh so close to that moment of release, then stopped and set him free. His hands descended on Garth's hips, flipping him over onto his stomach like he was a rag doll.

Gasping, Garth glanced over his shoulder, saw Dick unbuttoning his own jeans, shoving them down. His cock emerged into the twilight, wet and sticky. As Garth watched, the piss-slit fluttered and a bead of precum emerged from within the velveteen flesh. It began to slide down the shaft toward the patch of damp, matted pubic hair. Garth watched it, entranced.

A stinging blow descended on his buttocks, prompting a startled cry from the Atlantean prince. Dick drew his hand back, his eyes on Garth's face, pausing for just a moment. Garth nodded and Dick slapped his ass again. The blows descended quickly, warming up chilly flesh, sensitizing it to the cool twilight air.

And then a cock was pressed against Garth's ass. A naked cock. No rubbers. No lube. A cock slick with precum.

Garth was breathing faster now, excited. He felt the cockhead nestling against his asshole, slick and hot. Garth's own cock was hard, poking at his stomach.

Behind him, Dick hawked up a wad of phlegm. Garth looked back and saw Dick fisting his cock, getting it slick and harder than before. Then Dick pressed it against Garth's ass. Garth turned away, trying to relax his muscles.

Dick shoved into him and Garth shouted, more in surprise than pain. His muscles fluttered wildly, and he clawed at the sand, gasping. A stinging slap across his ass brought a fresh gasp from Garth, and then Dick was moving inside him.

Garth bit his lip, but could not suppress a groan of pleasure from escaping him. To have his lover take him like this! Garth had fantasized about this, but never thought it would happen! He could feel Dick inside him, hot and long, stabbing into his guts. Flesh was so different from latex!

He was moaning now, unable to suppress the sounds of his joy. Dick was slamming into him, pistoning his hips back and forth with none of his usual slow self-control. He was focusing completely on his own pleasure, gripping Garth's hips, pulling him back and up into the fuck.

Shuddering, Garth spread his legs and lifted his ass up, trying to give Dick a better angle. Dick froze and methodically nudged Garth's legs closer together.

"I want you tighter," was all he said before renewing his assault on Garth's ass.

Garth said nothing, ignored the crick in his lower back, just moaned into the wet sand, begging Dick to fuck him harder and rougher. Dick ignored him, rewarding him for his louder outbursts with stinging slaps across his ass and lower back.

Abruptly, Dick reached around Garth and seized the Atlantean's cock. He squeezed the shaft, stroking it in time with his thrusts.

It was too much for Garth. He erupted all over Dick's fist, his body trembling from the force of his orgasm. He cried out and pressed his forehead against the sand, as Dick's hands dropped to cup his shivering testicles.

Behind him, Dick pulled his own cock out of Garth's asshole, and turned his heaving lover over, onto his back again. He fell upon Garth, kissing his face and biting his neck. His hard cock brushed against Garth's flaccid organ. Once. Twice. Shivering, Dick came with his teeth clamped down tight on one of Garth's nipples.

Afterwards, they lay there in the growing darkness for a little while. Garth watched the stars twinkle overhead, one hand absently stroking Dick's hair. Dick snuggled in his arms, taking slow, deep breaths. After a little while he lifted his head.

"Did I hurt you?"

Garth glanced down at him, smiling, his fingers playing in Dick's hair. "Of course not. You could never hurt me. Are you feeling better?"

Dick nodded and lay his cheek against Garth's chest. "Yes. I had a bad day at work."

Garth stroked his back. "I'm sorry."

"Thanks for . . . this," Dick said hesitantly.

Garth's arms came around him, warm and loving. He smiled up at the stars. "Anytime."