Sea and Sky:


by Hotspur

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Even with every window in the apartment open, the air was sweltering. Dick Grayson was stripped down to boxers, wearing nothing else but a thin sheen of sweat. He was off work, thank god, but then again, at work he could be in his air conditioned squad car.

Heat was different in the city, he decided.

Out in the jungles or even in the desert, yeah, it was hot, but it didn't have that baked through asphalt feeling that seemed to cling like dusty silk to every exposed inch of flesh. The circulating fan on the kitchen island was only pushing the heat around.

Dick could think of only one remedy.

He dragged himself to the refrigerator, pulling open the door and leaning into the cool air. He reached for the freezer box, pulling down the internal door. A faint frown formed between his eyebrows as he realized he really needed to defrost the freezer. That lasted only a moment though, as he spied what he was searching for amongst the thick layer of rime that was growing inside the freezer.

"A ha!" he crowed, thrusting his hand into the open box and emerging with his objective: a frozen pudding pop. He stepped free of the refrigerator and nudged the door shut with his toe, unwrapping the pudding pop as he hopped up onto the kitchen island. He concentrated his attention on peeling the last of the paper from the frozen treat, then balled up the wrapper and tossed it toward the garbage can. He missed, but he figured he could deal with that later. For now...

He smiled as he contemplated the pudding pop. His tongue reached out, taking a moment to appreciate the cold steam rising from the treat. Then he touched the tip of his tongue to one side of the popsicle, half smiling as it stuck for a split second the way metal would on a winter's day.

It didn't last long, though, as the warmth of his tongue and the air around him melted him free and allowed him to swirl his tongue lazily around the frozen confection. It was so cold. So good! He licked his tongue around the top of it a few times, his eyes closed with pleasure.

But just licking was not enough.

He parted his lips and angled the pudding pop toward his mouth. Slowly so as to make the moment last, he eased the top of the pudding pop toward his lips. His tongue darted out to capture anticipatory saliva, wetting his lips in the process. Then... oh, the rich chocolate goodness. Cold and luscious. He slid it between his lips and across his tongue, his eyelids fluttering a little.

He leaned back a little to rest his weight against a hand propped behind him, twirling the pudding pop in his mouth. He already felt cooler as his tongue greedily caught melting bits of pudding. He felt a little dribble heading down his chin, but he didn't care. He twisted the popsicle deeper between his lips, letting the top of it rest near the back of his tongue. He sucked a little, feeling his cheeks cave as sweetness trickled down his throat. "Mmmmm," he sighed around his frozen mouthful.

Then *he* froze.

He was fairly certain that the hint of moisture he was feeling at his toes did not come from his popsicle. In fact, the soft, wet suction against his little toe was certainly not something one expected to feel in an apartment by one's self.

He carefully pulled his popsicle from his mouth and opened his eyes. The suction left his toe as a familiar voice protested, "Don't stop."

Dick gazed down at his feet to see Garth kneeling there, already naked, his skin flushed with heat or arousal - or both. He had leaned back from Dick's foot when Dick looked at him, and now his cock bounced gently against Dick's instep. "I thought you weren't back until tomorrow," Dick remarked, trying to hide a hint of annoyance at having been snuck up upon.

Garth leaned in again to suck lightly on the ball of Dick's ankle. "I got done early," Garth mumbled, his lips traveling up the inside of Dick's calf. Dick shuddered a little as Garth kissed the inside of his knee, and then Garth paused. "You're dripping," he remarked, and Dick wasn't sure if he meant the popsicle or the obvious wetness of precum showing on Dick's boxers.

The former Dick could do something about; he brought the popsicle back to his mouth to lick along it's length, catching the melting drops. He did not expect to find his boxers suddenly jerked down and his cock treated to an identical licking. "Oh Garth!" he gasped.

His lover leaned back and grinned at him. "Yes?"

"Don't stop," Dick pleaded, running his toes over Garth's bare back and trying to pull him closer.

"You did," Garth pointed out, mischief in his eyes.

Dick blinked. "You mean-?"

Garth raised a pointed eyebrow in the direction of the popsicle.

Uncertain, Dick brought the treat back to his lips. As soon as his lips smeared across the chocolate goodness, he felt Garth's lips do the same against his cock. "mmmohhmmm," Dick moaned, settling his lips more firmly around the popsicle.

Garth's lips tightened, sliding over the crown of Dick's cock.

Dick thrust the popsicle more deeply into his mouth, shivering as Garth similarly devoured his cock. He felt the melting pudding drip onto his hand, and he slid the popsicle from his mouth, almost sobbing as Garth's mouth came free of his cock.

Dick began licking around the length of the popsicle, sloughing away melty layers to get back to the solid core. Garth's tongue was almost kitten rough as it traced broad swaths along the length of Dick's cock.

Dick gasped and moaned again, rocking his hips against his lover's face. He wanted - he needed - more. He wanted... he knew what he wanted. And how to get it. He pressed the popsicle past his lips again and opened his throat. In one smooth thrust, he deep throated the popsicle - then almost choked as he felt Garth's lips against his balls, Garth's throat contracting around the head of his cock.

He began thrusting the popsicle in and out of his mouth rapidly, his eyes watering a little as he fought the gag reflex and rushed to swallow pudding before it could melt and trickle into his lungs.

Garth's fingers were around his thighs now, his head bobbing almost ferociously as he sucked Dick deep again and again, keeping time with the rhythm of the popsicle.

Finally Dick had to pull the popsicle from his mouth, dropping back onto his elbows on the counter and screaming "Oh God!" This time Garth ignored him, swallowing down the hot seed that splashed into his mouth. Dick was still shuddering as Garth's tongue began to move up his body, bathing his stomach and chest, swirling gently over too sensitive nipples.

After a few moments, Garth was lapping at his chin as Dick continued to lie boneless on the kitchen counter. "Chocolatey," Garth remarked, prompting Dick to finally open his eyes.

"You rock," Dick remarked, gazing adoringly up at Garth.

Garth grinned. "You made a mess," he pointed out, nodding toward the pudding pop Dick had dropped to the counter.

Dick grinned and reached a hand down to capture Garth's still rigid cock. He gave a little pull, watching his lover's eyelids flutter. "I think that can wait," he suggested, swirling his thumb through the pre-cum slickness of the head of Garth's cock. With his gymnast's flexibility, he brought his knees up, then his feet, resettling when he had his knees hooked over Garth's shoulders. "Don't you," he purred.

To be continued....