Sea and Sky:

Peeping Tom

by Bevis

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OK, so this is a little PWP that's been knocking round my head for ages and I keep meaning to write but not actually getting round to doing. But I'm bored at work today so thought I'd finally get round to doing it.

It's a little Sea and Sky story. Not sure where it would fit in terms of continuity though. Garth and Dick are living together but I don't think there's anything else to tie it to any particular events.

Oh, one thing though, is Garth Atlantean? I put that in there and thought isn't he from Poseidonis or something and as such doesn't get refered to as Atlantean? If that's the case ignore that little blip. ;)

Disclaimer: Not my characters. More's the pity.
Rating: 18
Archive: All you have to do is ask (unless you're `rith in which case I'm using her characters so I can hardly say no to her can I)

Nightwing swung down onto the rooftop with barely a sound. Years of practice meant that he could move across the city hardly leaving a trace behind him. His muscles bunched and then relaxed as he landed in a crouching position on a flat concrete roof. He took a moment to gather himself together. On the whole it had been a quiet night, nothing to really write home about. A couple of car-jackings, a hold up at a liquor store that hardly needed his attention and a mugging that had left him tensed for a further fight that hadn't come. The night air was clear with the full moon shining brightly. For once the Haven seemed almost peaceful. Or at least peaceful by it's usual standards. He was ready to call it a night now. He wasn't on duty in the morning but he'd promised Garth that they'd spend some time together just as a couple. Going to the movies or the theatre or something. The kind of things normal people did.

Across the street he could see the lights were on in their apartment. He wasn't surprised. Garth liked to wait up for him if neither of them needed to be up early. He was probably reading or cleaning. Dick took his night vision binoculars from their case in his gloves and raised them to his eyes. Scanning the windows he stopped at the bathroom. The light was on there too and he could see movement. Chances are Garth was in the shower. If he timed it right Dick might be able to sneak into the apartment and join his lover without Garth realising he'd got home. The thought of it caused a stirring in Dick's groin and he smiled to himself.

Before he could get up though he saw the vague figure cast against the frosted glass of the bathroom window move out of the room and into the living room. The windows and shades were open so Dick had a clear view of the room. Garth stepped out of the bathroom and moved across to the open window, stepping onto the small balcony outside. He was naked and still glistening wet from the shower. He never bothered to dry himself straight away after showering. He'd told Dick he liked the feeling of the moisture drying on his skin. That change from wet and slippery to dry and smooth. The way he'd explained it had made the very act of drying seem incredibly erotic. But then again to Dick almost everything Garth did was erotic. Flossing his teeth was erotic. Hell, even breathing was erotic. But only the way Garth did it.

Garth stood on the balcony and stretched his arms upwards. Dick smiled as he watched the muscles of Garth's chest and stomach stretch and flex. Little drops of water ran down his body, shining in the moonlight. Dick studied the line of Garth's pectorals, his stomach and his thighs. The dark patches of hair under his arms, even darker now when they were wet. And the matching patch of jet black, damp curls at his crotch. They framed beautifully the thick cock that Dick had grown to love so much. Even now it looked larger than it should. Maybe the heat from the shower had caused it to fill out somewhat but the cold night air didn't seem to be having any effect on it. Quite the opposite in fact. As Dick watched he could see Garth's penis twitch slightly and start to grow. Garth ran his hand down his chest, stopping briefly to play with one of his nipples, before moving on down to his crotch.

Gently Garth began stroking himself, gently pulling on his hardening erection, play with his balls. Dick found that almost subconsciously he'd started to do the same. His free hand was resting on his own crotch, gently massaging the flesh underneath. He found that he was almost transfixed where he was, crouched on a roof feeling his growing erection and watching his lover across the way doing the same. The whole thing was a huge turn on, knowing that he was playing the Peeping Tom even if it was his lover that he was spying on. The whole thing was somewhat sordid but incredibly hot at the same time.

On the balcony Garth was now standing with one hand wrapped around his fully-grown erection, the other playing with his chest. His eyes were shut and his head bent slightly forward, the wet curls on his head plastered flat against his forehead. Ever so slowly he started to move his hand up and down, slowly masturbating himself, his hand slipping easily against the wet flesh gripped firmly. Dick slipped his hand into the top of his leggings and pulled out his own erection. Pre-cum was already seeping from it and he smeared it across the head with his gloved thumb. He shivered slightly at the touch of the cool air on his erection but that only served to add to the thrill of the whole thing. He gripped himself tightly and began to move his fist in time with his lover.

Across the way Garth's strokes began to pick up pace. His other hand was now behind him playing with his taught buttocks. Garth shifted slightly so now he was side on to Dick enabling him to see that the Atlantean's slick finger was gently massaging his arse, slipping in and out in time with the strokes of his hand on his cock. A second finger, and then a third joined the first inside Garth and he began pumping his cock hard. In turn Dick did the same, feeling the climax building within himself, feeling the shift of his testicles as they drew up towards his body. His eyes were fixed on his lover and he let out a whimper as he saw Garth climax. Garth shuddered visibly as he shot streams of glistening white cum over the side of the balcony, falling away down to the street below. At the same time Dick let out a gasp as he came himself, his cum shining brightly against the dark material of his gloved hand.

Dick dropped the binoculars by his side and fell back on the roof, gasping as he tried to catch his breath. His still hard cock the only part of his body apart from his head exposed to the air. Looking up in the night sky, seeing the brightness of the moon above him, he felt exhilarated and exhausted at the same time. The whole thing had set him up for what he hoped would be a pretty interesting evening.

He wasn't sure how long he'd lain there, maybe only a few seconds, maybe a minute or two, when his earpiece buzzed. Just what he needed. A call from Oracle or Bruce demanding they needed his help just when he wanted some time just to spend with his lover. However the voice that came over the air wasn't one of the Bat-clan.

"Hey there Robbie" said Garth. Dick could detect a distinct amused tone in the way he spoke.


"Who else lover boy?"

"Is everything Ok?... uh... I'm almost home."

Garth sniggered. "Yeah, I know that," he said, "and I know what you've been up to."

Dick felt his face flush. He sat up and looked over the low parapet that ran all around the roof he was lying on. Still standing on the balcony, still naked, was Garth. In his hand he held the small comm badge that he wore inside the collar of his costume. He waved as he saw Nightwing looking at him.

"What a naughty little peeping Tom you are," said Garth, his face split by a grin, "Did you enjoy the show?"

Dick was lost for words he didn't quite know what to say.

"You... you knew I was watching you?"

"Well of course I did," laughed Garth, "it's the whole enhanced eyesight thing. I could see you through the bathroom window the moment you got here. Just because you're eyes are too weak to see through frosted glass doesn't mean mine are. And I thought you might like... a little pre-dinner apertiser."

Dick grinned back.

"Pre-dinner?" he said, "what's for dinner then?"

Garth leaned back against the wall of the apartment and gently stroked his stomach, fingers brushing the curls of pubic hair above his cock.

"Well," said Garth, "that all depends on how hungry you are."

Dick laughed quietly and stood up, throwing a line perfectly and swinging down to the balcony of their apartment. He landed and pulled Garth into his arms, kissing him long and hard.

"Oh I'm starving", he said feeling the warmth of Garth's naked flesh even through his kevlar suit, "and I know what I want for dinner, supper and desert."

They kissed again, Garth wrapping his muscular legs around Dick's body, their cocks rising up hard and ready again.

Dick had wanted to spend the day with his lover. Go to the movies or the theatre or something. Do things that ordinary couples do. Instead they were going to do what only they could do. Make love all night and all day, and still be ready for more.