Sea and Sky:


by Hotspur

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This story is set in 'rith's Sea and Sky universe with permission - not sure if its in continuity or is a side story - 'rith will decide. Characters belong to DC Comics and are used without permission, not for profit.


He was sitting up when he woke up. His eyes were wide open, and the echoes of a shout curled into his ears. He was cold. Shiveringly cold without blankets over his naked back and shoulders.

Then there was ... a touch.

He reached back sharply, catching the wrist of the hand that rested against his spine in a tight grip.


The voice took a moment to penetrate into his consciousness, and he loosened his fingers with a guilty wince. The hand at his back began to gently stroke over his spine. "Nightmare?"

Dick nodded, bringing trembling hands to his face to scrub away the sweat cooling there. The hand on his back stilled, but did not leave.

After a long silence, Garth spoke again. "Do you want to talk about it?"

Dick shook his head, dropping his hands into his lap and staring at them. The springs of the bed shifted, and then Garth was sitting up beside him. "It's cold," he remarked, his hand still resting comfortingly at Dick's lower back.

Dick nodded, not turning to meet Garth's eyes.

Garth studied him - Dick could feel his gaze - and then reached to pull the top blanket from the bed. He wrapped the blanket around Dick's still shaking shoulders, gently rubbing his neck.

Dick swallowed hard and seemed to bite back a sob. His eyes, when he raised them finally, were troubled. Garth wordlessly held out his arms, inviting Dick to lean into them. Dick accepted the invitation, curling his head against Garth's chest as the other man continued to stroke his back soothingly. Garth felt Dick's arms twine their way around his waist, gradually working into a tight embrace. Garth began smoothing Dick's sleep tangled hair. "Do you just want me to hold you?"

A wordless squeeze was the only reply.

Garth took it as a yes, settling into a rhythm of gentle caresses. He felt a touch of moisture against his stomach that he took as a tear, although after a moment he became aware of something more like a kiss. Dick was planting soft, desperate kisses all along Garth's abs. Garth tightened his hold for a second. "Dick-"

The kisses became more insistent, and Dick leaned his weight against Garth to push him back into the pillows. Garth yielded to the pressure, allowing Dick to kiss up along his centerline until his lover was sprawled half on top of him, hungrily tasting his chest.

"Dick-" he half-protested again, and this time he felt chilly fingers curl around his cock. For a moment, the chill of the touch and the worry he felt inhibited response, but Dick's fingers soon warmed and his mouth found Garth's nipples. Garth felt himself growing in Dick's hand.

"Dick-" This time he forced a hand under Dick's chin, lifted his lover's face so he could meet his eyes. There were storms in those eyes, flashing with desperation and need.

Dick appealed mutely, and Garth felt himself giving in emotionally before he could formulate a rational response. His cock surged under a one fingered stroke from Dick's hand. He could feel Dick's hardness against his thigh.

Equally wordlessly, Garth relented, releasing Dick's chin and twining his fingers into his hair with a sigh.

Dick worked his way down, following the route he had traveled up Garth's body. His mouth found the line of pubic hair starting just below Garth's navel and traced it with nips and bites. When he arrived at Garth's cock, he lifted his face to plant infinitesimal kisses along the length of the now hard organ.

Garth pushed at Dick's head, but he realized he was in no way in control of the show. Dick continued at his nibbling pace, neither hastened nor slowed by Garth's touch. Dick finally reached the root of Garth's cock and snaked his tongue out to follow the line between Garth's balls.

Garth gasped, surging up despite his best intentions.

The move allowed Dick to slip a hand between Garth's abdomen and his cock, so that Garth's cock fell back into Dick's cradling palm. Nimble fingers pushed back Garth's foreskin, exposing the head of Garth's cock to the cooler air.

It didn't stay cool.

Dick lifted his head and raised himself a little, bringing his lips down at ninety degrees to Garth's cock. He let the head of Garth's cock nestle into pursed lips, the finger and thumb holding Garth's foreskin allowing it to spring back enough to rub against faintly chapped lips.

Dick began a pulsing motion with his finger and thumb, pulling back and releasing the foreskin as his tongue twisted and turned against the slit of Garth's cock.

Garth pulled at Dick's hair. "Dick, nggnn-" he half-protested as his body tensed with over stimulation.

Dick lifted his mouth and gently let Garth's cock settle back into his hand, easing the intensity of contact. He let his tongue describe a broad swath up the length of Garth's cock, earning a buck from Garth's hips and the release of one hand from his hair. Garth's newly free hand balled into the sheets as Dick sucked one ball and then the other into his mouth, his thumb caressing idly over the spit slick cock. The calluses of Dick's thumb gave the touch a friction that had Garth tossing his head and arching his back. That arching increased as Dick's tongue slipped down, probing between the cheeks of Garth's ass to pass fleetingly over Garth's asshole.

Dick raised his face again, this time watching the tensed body of his lover. He spoke one word in a roughened voice, almost a Nightwing demand. "Lube."

Garth groped blindly toward the nightstand, knocking over a glass of water but not caring as he found the drawer pull and twisted to open it. Dick's thumb was continuing to stroke across his cock, his cock was still nestled in the palm of Dick's hand, and he didn't want to stop that.

He finally succeeded in getting the drawer opened and rummaged until his fingers closed on the desired tube. Dick's fingers tightened around his cock as he produced it, and he felt rather than saw Dick remove the lube from his hand.

The expected sounds did not follow, however, and he lifted his chin to see that Dick had set the lube beside him on the bed. A second later and Dick's finger was sliding between the cheeks of his ass and resting there.

Garth gasped and he felt unable to move, uncertain of what Dick wanted and getting no cues from his lover. Then there was pressure - soft, inexorable, insistent - a finger at his asshole. Dick's hand tightened again on Garth's cock as the finger slowly pushed in - not far, just a bit, as if testing. Then it was just resting there, no more than a fingertip inside, and Dick once more lowered his face.

Dick's fist was spreading Garth's cheeks, and Garth's legs were beginning to shake a little from holding his ass off the bed enough to give Dick access. That shaking intensified as Dick's tongue darted around his finger, tracing the connection between them in little lapping gestures before once again tickling at Garth's balls and roaming in a broad stroke the full length of Garth's cock.

Garth wanted to scream at what felt like indecision, because it wasn't teasing. Not with that look that had stormed in Dick's eyes. Then he wanted to scream as his cock was lifted to Dick's lips and sucked into Dick's mouth. He bucked, and the fingertip in his ass twitched.


He wasn't sure, but he thought through the sound of his own blood in his ears he heard the snap of the lid coming off the tube of lube. He realized in taking Garth into his mouth, Dick had freed a hand, and that was confirmed when Dick removed the fingertip from Garth's ass and began to slide his mouth from Garth's cock. As soon as enough of Garth's cock was exposed to allow it, he felt the cool-but-heating touch of lube to his shaft. The lube slick fist followed after Dick's mouth as Dick finally let Garth's cock slip free and rose to slather the throbbing organ.

Garth gasped and twisted as Dick brought both fists into play, sliding slickly along Garth's length. He felt the springs shifting as Dick rose, and a moment later he felt cock being slid between Dick's ass cheeks.

Dick let Garth's cock slide a few passes along his crack before carefully positioning his hole over Garth's cock. Garth raised his head in half protest; Dick couldn't be ready. But he caught those haunted eyes again, and what he saw there stilled his tongue. The darkness there, the self-abnegation - Garth bit his lower lip and tightened his hold on the sheets.

Dick began pressing himself against Garth's cock.

Garth held himself still with an effort, biting his tongue against a scream as the tight hole began to stretch for him. His foreskin was pushed back as Dick stretched over Garth's cock, and Garth almost came from the tightening of Dick's hole over the crown of his cock. He felt the popping sensation of Dick having taken in the head of the cock, and he watched the way the sexual flush tinged with pain colored Dick's features. He wanted to tell him to stop, but...

He did cry out now as Dick bounced further down his cock, a hissing breath escaping him. "Pallais!" he gasped, feeling every centimeter of his cock as it was claimed into that tight heat. He finally could not help himself, pressing up to close the final inch and ramming himself into Dick, feeling Dick's balls slap against his abdomen.

Dick's mouth opened in a silent cry, and his back arched for a second before he shifted his position and began to raise himself up along Garth's length. He had slid up perhaps two inches before he slammed himself back down again. His cock bounced, dripping precum into Garth's pubes.

A rough hand caught hold of one of Garth's and brought it to Dick's weeping cock. This Garth could understand. He closed his hand and began to pump as Dick continued to fuck himself on Garth's cock.

It took only a few strokes to find the matching rhythms.

Garth squeezed and pulled and felt himself squeezed, and his balls began to tense. Then unexpectedly, one of Dick's hands reached back and caught at his balls, rolling them roughly. It was more than Garth could resist. With a shout, he came deep in Dick's ass, his back arching high over the sheets and his fist tightening over Dick's cock.

As he dropped back to the bed, still thrusting, he brought his second hand to Dick's cock and began a rhythmic two handed squeeze. A second later, he felt Dick's ass tighten around his softening cock and hot cum was spattering his chest.

They rode out the orgasm together, and then Dick slowly raised himself from Garth's spent cock. He held himself off Garth's body, refusing to fall together until he had licked away the cum on Garth's chest. Garth's protest died unspoken at one look into those still stormy eyes.

He let himself be bathed, and when finally allowed, he pulled Dick into his arms and rested Dick's head against his chest. He reached with his free hand to pull the blankets over both of them, stroking Dick's hair as he did so.

Dick was still shaking a little.

Garth kissed the top of his head. "Do you want to talk about it?" he asked again, quietly and without demand. At least this time the answer was verbal. "Hold me."

Garth did.