Sea and Sky:

Mode #3

by Hotspur

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Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, DC does. The universe belongs to 'rith. I'm just playing here, please don't sue.


Garth glanced up from his book toward the couch. Dick was lying there, ostensibly reading police reports. Garth watched him for a moment, noting the way his eyes were focused in the middle distance rather than on the report propped on his chest. After a moment he asked, "Penny for your thoughts?"

Dick started guiltily, bringing his eyes back to the police report before giving up and letting it fall to his chest. He sighed. "I really botched that, didn't I?"

Garth set his book aside and rose to his feet. "Dick, you're hopeless."

Dick sat up and looked at Garth questioningly.

Garth sat down beside him, linking his arms around Dick's waist. He gave his lover a little squeeze. "You have two modes. Impetuous and enthusiastic, and brooding and overreflective."

His tone was light, but Dick still frowned. "I'm not-"

"Shh," Garth interrupted, kissing Dick's temple. "It's true, and I love you for it. I've had too much of people who refuse to let their hearts show."

"But-" Dick protested half-heartedly.

Garth released him without comment, turning to recline on the couch, letting his legs trap Dick beneath them. "Protest all you want." He let the thigh of his near leg brush against Dick's groin. "You're stuck with me now."

"Oh?" Dick asked, pressing his hips forward a little.

"Mmm hmm," Garth confirmed lazily. "I mean, you've told EVERYBODY. It'd be pretty messy to have to untell them, wouldn't it?"

Dick hooked his hand over Garth's near thigh, letting his hand slide toward the join of leg to body. "So that's why I'm stuck with you? You just want to avoid a mess?"

Garth spread his legs a little wider, scooting his hips further down the couch. "Oh, I think some kinds of mess are okay." The top of his thigh brushed over the bulge in Dick's jeans.

Dick's hand slid under the hem of Garth's t-shirt. "Is that so?" He tickled a finger tip into Garth's navel, earning a little squirm that brought another brush from Garth's thigh agains this cock.

"Well," Garth hedged, "if you'd rather continue to brood..."

Dick unbuttoned the top button of Garth's jeans. "I could do," he considered, unbuttoning the second button. The backs of his fingers rubbed against Garth's stiff cock as he undid the next button. Garth scooted his hips down a little further, lifting his ass to rest on Dick's thigh. Dick paused. "You want to sit on my lap?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

Garth slitted open eyes that had fallen closed as Dick opened his fly. "That depends."

Dick grasped Garth's cock through the cotton of his underwear. "On what?"

Garth hissed a little and raised his hips again. "On how impetuous and enthusiastic you feel," Garth answered, raising one knee to rub against Dick's chest.

Dick grinned a released Garth's cock. "You have too many clothes on."

"I think that makes two of us," Garth shot back, rolling off Dick and onto his feet. He caught hold of his waistband and pushed down his jeans and underwear, bending to slide them past his knees. He gasped as suddenly he felt Dick rise behind him and grasp him at the waist, leaning over him.

"Yeah," Dick breathed. "Just like this."

Garth's eyes widened as he felt one of Dick's hands rubbing under his t-shirt, tweaking his nipples. The other hand must've been at Dick's waist, because he heard the sound of a zipper being pulled, and a moment later felt Dick's cock lying along the crack of his ass. Dick's chest pressed against his back as Dick leaned over again. "Do I feel impetuous enough?" he asked tauntingly.

Garth pressed his ass back against Dick's body. "Impetuous, yes. Enthusiastic?"

Dick growled a little and bit at Garth's back through his t-shirt. How about you get on your knees so I don't have to tiptoe?" he suggested roughly.

Garth chuckled and lowered himself, letting his forearms rest against the floor and keeping his ass in the air. A second later, Dick's arm was cinched around his waist and he felt Dick's cock again settle along the crack of his ass. Dick was folded over him, rubbing his face against his shirt and biting and tugging at the fabric with his teeth. His second hand came around and caught Garth's cock, giving a couple firm pumps and making Garth lunge a little into his hand.

Dick's mouth was moving lower and his cock retreated as he found the bare skin of Garth's lower back. Garth bit his lip as Dick's tongue traced figure eights around his vertebrae and his hand fumbled Garth's balls. Then Dick pulled back a little and brought his hands up to spread Garth's ass cheeks.

Garth pressed his forehead to the floor as he felt Dick's tongue gently swirl around the bud of his asshole. A moment later, Dick had moved lower to tongue at Garth's balls, then traveled back to tickle the skin between balls and asshole. Then Dick was grasping his balls, rolling them in his hand as the sound of the coffee table drawer opening met Garth's ears.

Dick rose up again to lean over Garth's back. "Need more enthusiasm?" he teased.

"Pallais, yes!" Garth gasped, again pressing his ass back against Dick's groin.

He felt his ass cheeks again parted as Dick sat back again, and then Dick's tongue was back, circling, bathing... "Uhhhhn," Garth groaned as Dick's tongue probed into him, and he felt precum oozing from his own cock.

Dick's leaned back once more, and Garth heard the top of the lube pop open. "Dick," he gasped, waggling his ass at his lover.

Dick said nothing, and suddenly lube slick fingers were sliding the length of Garth's crack, massaging the flesh between asscheeks. Garth moaned as fingers prodded the pursed muscle around his asshole without penetrating. "Dick," he begged.

He felt Dick cradle Garth's balls as his other hand continued to tease Garth's asshole. "I haven't topped in a while," Dick pointed out in rational tones that did not hide the impishness in his voice. "I want to make sure you're really ready."

Garth's fingers scrabbled at the floor, catching hold of the fringe of the area rug and closing on the tassels. "Dick, I'm really - oooh!"

A finger slid into Garth, pressing deep on the first lube heavy pass. It slid out again completely, and Garth whimpered. It was back quickly though, this time more laden with lube and slicking Garth's hole thoroughly. Dick twisted the finger in a full circle as if to be certain every centimeter was well coated before pressing deeper.

Garth's eyes squinted closed as the twisting pressure worked it's way into his ass, slipping out twice to come back with more lube. Finally the finger was completely inside him, and Dick held it there, still, a thin probe into Garth's body. pushed back trying to make it longer, thicker. "More," he pleaded, and Dick gave his cock a squeeze in response.

"I'm working up more enthusiasm," he purred, hooking his finger and stroking across Garth's prostate.

Garth cried out and bit harder at his lip as Dick's finger slipped free of his ass, only to return a moment later with a partner. Dick was gentle but relentless as he carefully worked two fingers into Garth, softly stroking the backs of the fingers of his other hand over Garth's cock. Garth felt the precum dripping from his cock now, and his balls felt hard and heavy.

"You have a gorgeous ass," Dick murmured as he spread the embedded fingers deep inside Garth, easing open the muscle of Garth's asshole.

Garth grunted a little, gasping at the occasional graze over his prostate, forcing muscles to relax as the rest of his body tensed with desire. Dick's hand left his cock and he felt plastic against his ass cheek as Dick squeezed lube directly over Garth's asshole and pressed a third finger through the tight muscle. There was a chill feeling in Garth's ass as Dick spread the fingertips of the three fingers in Garth enough to let lube trickle inside his lover, but the chill rapidly gave way to fire as Dick steadily pressed those fingers home.

"Dick," Garth begged. "I'm too close..."

The fingers in his ass stilled and Dick rested a hand on the bottom of Garth's spine, tracing soothing circles. "Shh. Relax. I'm the one who's being enthusiastic here, remember?"

Garth groaned hungrily, his chest heaving.

Dick continued to stroke Garth's lower back, and the fullness of the fingers filling Garth's ass became more comfortable as the tightness in Garth's balls subsided a little. didn't move his fingers at all as he leaned over Garth's back again. "Are you ready for me to fuck you?" he whispered.

Garth felt his cock surge and turned his face to press his temple against the floor. "Please, yes, please," he begged.

He felt Dick grin against his back and then rise to smack his flank. There was the sound of the lube bottle being squeezed, and then Dick's fingers began a slow retreat. Garth whimpered as his ass released Dick's fingers, feeling empty, but then there was the press of cockhead against his shrinking hole and he was stretched further than he had been before.

Garth's eyes flew open as Dick's cock spread him, pressing steadily forward. He forced himself to exhale calmly, to control his breathing as the low burn began in his asshole and Dick's fingers hooked against his hips for leverage. There was a popping sensation and a grunt from Dick, and the stretching eased. He had the head of Dick's cock in him, and the thought of it made him want to melt into the floor. They were joined now, and now Dick could-

"Pallais!" he cried, as Dick's pause gave way to a sudden surge forward. He felt Dick's balls brushing against his, and he writhed on Dick's cock.

"Okay?" Dick asked, releasing one of Garth's hips in order to stroke Garth's cock.

Garth swallowed hard and nodded. "Please," he whispered through dry lips.

In reply, Dick's hand returned to his hip and he withdrew a few inches in order to slam back into Garth. He changed the angle of penetration as he moved, changing it again as he made a third thrust and Garth suddenly pressed his face chest against the floor and reached back with his hands toward Dick's body. He scrabbled for Dick's legs and ass, trying to direct-

"YES!" he cried as Dick read his need, repeating his thrusts at this third angle and catching Garth's prostate on every pass. Garth brought his hands back down to push himself up, to force himself back on Dick's cock, and Dick was beginning to gasp and sputter.

"Oh god, Garth, you feel so good. So tight. Fuck. Feel me, Garth? Oh my god, Garth..."

Garth didn't answer the familiar stream of words, just rocked back again and again, taking the length of Dick's cock and biting back hungry cries as his balls drew tight once more.

"Garth, I... Garth... fuck... I'm... fucking... Garth... feel... " Dick's hand once more found Garth's cock, and at the first brush Garth came with a strangled cry, his cum splashing across the floor

His body clenched and unclenched, his asshole tightening rhythmically against the cock still thrusting into him. And suddenly Dick was screaming, shouting his release in wild abandon as he plunged deep into Garth's core.

Garth let his arms and legs lower them both to the ground as Dick's body slumped over him. He wondered for a moment if Dick had lost consciousness, but then he felt Dick's lips through the t-shirt he was still wearing, kissing softly. "Feel better?" Garth asked, not moving, letting Dick continue to rest with his softening cock buried inside him.

"Mmmm," Dick replied, gently pulling free of Garth's body and rolling to one side. "I think you missed one of my modes."

Garth turned and threw an arm over Dick's body, drawing him close. "Oh?"

"Sated and happy," Dick supplied, curling against Garth's chest.