Metafic: 1/20

by 'rith

A short-short written for Kael's birthday. Thanks, Muse. :)


Concerned, Dick Grayson looked at his lover from under the mass of blue-black hair that hung over his eyes. Garth only called him by his full name when something serious was going on. Still suspended upside-down on the trapeze bars, he said, "What's wrong?"

Garth smiled. "Nothing dire; but have you heard? Today is Kael's birthday."

"No, I didn't know that." Dick executed a trademark perfect quadruple summersault off the bars. "She trying to hide it or something?"

"I don't know, I just found out myself. We should do something for her."

"Oh, definitely. After all the help she gave our Writer with that creative block--"

"Thank Pallais. I was becoming concerned."

Dick grinned and walked over to where Garth stood. "What, did you miss me?"

Garth gave him a slow look--innocuous-seeming enough to most, but clear as day to anyone who knew him--full of love, affection, and desire. "Very much so." Without another word he pulled Dick closer and into a kiss.

It started slow. It didn't stay that way for long. Two pairs of hands began to wander, caressing, reaching--

From the doorway came a loud, exaggerated gagging sound. Roy Harper stood there, arms crossed in mock disapproval. "Serious PDA, guys. Get a *room!*"

Dick and Garth broke apart, smiling at each other knowingly, before turning to face their friend. Dick smirked at the archer. "Hey, even the official Titans' Writer said that's one way our team would be different from the others--more sex!"

Harper snorted. "Yeah, but I don't think this--" he waved toward the two of them--"is what she had in mind! Everyone knows she meant me--and all I've had so far is one interrupted date with Donna!"

Garth laughed. "Oh, you're not doing so badly. Our fic Writer does much better by you--or have you forgotten already?" There was a gleam in his eye.

Roy actually blushed. "Point taken."

"But to get this back on topic, did *you* hear it's Kael's birthday?"

"Huh? No, I didn't."

"Well, what should we get her?"

"More of the same, I think. She seems to like that."

Garth put a hand on Dick's shoulder. "I know what she'd like from us--and I know she's looking forward to your latest too, Roy."

Roy shrugged. "It's still up to the Writer to deliver. Even if we do, uh, cooperate."

The Writer leaned back in her chair. "All right, guys, I get the message!" She looked (metaphysically) at Kael. "And I hope you do, too. Happy birthday, O Muse and breaker of blocks!"

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