Sea and Sky:

Louder than Words

by Chicago

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Disclaimer: Characters belong to DC Comics/Warner Bros. The Sea & Sky universe belongs to 'rith, who graciously allowed me to play.

Rating: G

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There was a rustle of cape--a courtesy, Nightwing knew.

An announcement.

He didn't move as Batman settled on the rooftop beside him. Neither of them said anything for a long time.

Nothing was doing on the street below.

Time stretched and dragged. The moment for Nightwing to move on and continue his patrol passed without either of them moving.

"Silly," Nightwing chided himself, but he couldn't help playing the game, the equivalent of chicken or a stare down. Of course, was the point to prove who would break first? Or was the point already made, that Batman could just by his presence disrupt Nightwing's routine?

This second thought irritated Nightwing, and he stepped back from the roof ledge, deciding to ignore his visitor. He readied his jumpline, but Batman's voice cut through the air, stilling him.

"Nightwing, wait."

Nightwing obliged, making no comment, schooling himself to perfect stoicism.

Batman turned to face him. He reached into his utility belt, removing something from one of the pouches there. Wordlessly, he held out a little electronic device.

Nightwing accepted it and studied it, his eyes darting up to Batman's in confusion as he recognized it.

"In case Garth ever needs to use the Cave when you're otherwise engaged," Batman explained.

Nightwing looked back down at the little device, set with a frequency sequence that would disarm the Cave's security. He looked back up wonderingly, a stunned thank you on his lips.

But Batman--Bruce--was gone, more silently than he had come. Nightwing shook his head and slipped the device into one of his gauntlets.

There just was no predicting the Bat.