For my darling sevenall, to spur on her Letifos fic. (Right, who? Skim down to the cover of issue two; she's the one with the tail and sword.) That would make *two* fics about her in existence! Circa Tempest miniseries, end of issue 1. (And if anyone still needs a copy of that, let me know.)

Letifos drabble

by 'rith

Letifos is a predator.

Garth sees her in a woman's form, but he should know better. The razor sharpness of her tail and the angles of her teeth tell her heritage.

Like her shark cousins, Letifos can smell death in the water. That *thing,* Garth's former lover supposedly returned from the dead, stinks of it.

Her people tried to kill him. For reasons she cannot define, she still owes him recompense for that. She will repay the debt in vigilance, guarding him--whether he wants it or not--against this "Tula."

Life and death taste the same between her teeth.

(100 words)

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