Sea and Sky:

Laundry Day

by Hotspur

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Disclaimers: Garth and Dick belong to DC Comics/AOL/Time Warner/the ever-growing media conglomerate that owns all my entertainment options. I took the boys for a spin, not for profit, just to entertain 'rith, who created the Sea and Sky universe and graciously allows me to play sometimes. She said I could share this one.


Garth plucked a pair of dark blue BPD issue socks from the pile of whites. "Dick?"

"What? Socks are whites."

"White socks are whites," Garth corrected. "Dark socks will do one of two things. They will either bleed all over your whites or bleach to an unacceptably light shade."

Dick snatched the socks from Garth's hand. "What do you know about surface laundry, anyway?" he grumbled, but Garth noticed that he threw the socks into the pile of darks.

Garth reached into the pile of whites and plucked out another police sock. "I know Donna Troy lectures 1 through 4 on the proper handling of lights and darks. Which begs the question of how you did not get that same set of lectures."

"I never did laundry at the Tower. In fact -- wait, why were *you* doing laundry in the Tower?"

"Well, I couldn't very well wear surface clothes down to Atlantis and have Mera wash them for me," Garth pointed out reasonably.

Dick grunted an acknowledgement as he got to his feet. "Now where is that laundry -- oh, thanks."

Garth passed Dick the laundry basket and watched as he crammed his whites into a pillowcase. The pillow case went into the basket, then the darks were tossed in around it.

"Interesting system," Garth remarked.

"It works," Dick shot back, lifting the basket. "And if you're quite done commenting on my laundry strategy..."

"Not at all," Garth replied, eyes mischievous. "I think I'll follow you to the washing machine and kibbitz about when you add the fabric softener."

Dick raised an eyebrow and sidled past Garth. "Dryer sheets, my friend. Although I suppose there wouldn't be much call for those in Atlantis."

Garth chuckled and swung in behind Dick, trailing him to the small utility room built behind the kitchen. Garth hopped up onto the dryer and watched as Dick set the washer controls and started loading the darks. "You put the detergent -- okay," Garth cut himself off at Dick's glare. "Yes, yes, you know what you're doing."

"You know, you *could* be doing something else to put the apartment in order," Dick stated.

"Oh, this is much more fun," Garth disagreed, stretching out his foot to run it along the back of Dick's thigh.

"What, now you're going to kick me in the ass to get me in gear?" Dick grumbled as Garth's toes pressed against one round asscheek.

"Get you something," Garth agreed mildly as Dick let the washer lid fall noisily and caught at Garth's ankle.

"Oh, really?" Dick replied. "Is that a threat or a promise?"

"Which one do you want it to be?" Garth answered coyly.

Dick gave Garth's leg a solid pull, successfully causing the Atlantean to slide so he was half on the washer and half on the dryer. Then his expression changed. "Get down," he ordered.

"Or what?" Garth shot back saucily.

"Garth," Dick growled warningly.

"Fine," Garth sighed, hopping down. He gasped when his motion was followed by a swift set of hands at his fly, unbuttoning his jeans and slipping them off his body. "What--?"

"Your jeans have a spot on them," Dick explained. "Step out."

Garth blinked and obeyed, watching in consternation as Dick opened the washer and dropped the jeans in. "I didn't see any spot."

Dick once more let the washer lid fall closed. "Preemptive," he said, and almost before Garth could process what he'd said, he found himself caught in a deep kiss. Between his legs, he could feel his cock beginning to fill as it rubbed against Dick's leg. "Now," Dick said, finally pulling back, "get back on top of the washer."

"What, you think my weight will keep the excess suds from escaping?" Garth teased as he obeyed. He settled his ass back down on the lid of the washer, leaning back on his arms and splaying his legs a little to display his half-erection.

Dick grinned. "Oh, that's nice," he remarked, stepping forward so he stood between Garth's knees. He let one hand stroke from Garth's balls to his foreskin, urging more fullness. "How long does a wash cycle usually take? About half an hour?"

"Something like that," Garth agreed, his abs tightening as Dick leaned forward to lick along the edge of Garth's ribcage.

"A little faster than I'd like, but it'll have to do," Dick decreed, and under Garth's ass, the washer finished filling and began sloshing clothes around. It was a -- unique -- sensation, and it increased the growing stiffness between Garth's legs.

"Mmm," Dick commented, noticing the change and once more stroking the now turgid flesh. "Just wait until the spin cycle."

Garth opened his mouth to ask a question, but all that escaped was a gasp as Dick began to roll his balls while his mouth sucked the flesh of Garth's inner thigh. Garth obeyed the nudge that urged his legs wider apart, grunting as Dick's mouth kissed an suckled an arc starting at one thigh and working around to the other, pausing at the apex to tongue bathe Garth's balls. Dick raised his face and smacked his lips. "Mmm, salty."

Garth squirmed. "I swam in the ocean this morning," he apologized, then gasped as Dick *licked* a swath across his balls.

"Did it sound like I was complaining?"

Garth groaned and sat up so he could tangle his fingers in Dick's hair. He urged Dick's mouth closer to his aching cock, but Dick caught at his wrists. "I'll get to your cock eventually," he promised. "You just sit back and enjoy the ride."

Garth swallowed hard and allowed Dick to arrange him on top of the washer. He was resting his ass on the edge of the dryer and leaning back on his elbows when Dick was done, and he watched as Dick positioned himself back between his legs, lowering his face, eyes on Garth's--

"Gih!" Garth spluttered as Dick's tongue slid behind his balls to tickle his anus. He squirmed a little as he felt Dick's hands part the cheeks of his ass and cool air blew over his crack. Another moment, and Dick's tongue was back, exploring Garth's ass and occasionally circling around his asshole only to drift off again.

Under the small of Garth's back, the churning of the washing machine set an undulating rhythm. He felt something slicker than spit between his asscheeks and blinked his eyes open, surprised to see a tube of lube sitting on the dryer next to him.

Dick was working a hand between Garth's cheeks, a wicked grin on his face. The grin broadened as Garth felt a finger slip into him and let out a low moan. "I love it when you're noisy," Dick said.

"Oh, Pallais," Garth breathed as Dick's questing finger stroked over his prostate.

The finger continued to work in him as Dick leaned forward and planted little kisses along Garth's cock, starting at the base and pausing a moment to catch Garth's foreskin between his lips. When Garth bucked in response, Dick slipped a second finger inside his lover.

"Dick. Oh, Dick..."

"In a minute," Dick promised, spreading the fingers pressed into Garth's ass. "In a minute, I am going to fuck you, Garth." Garth started and blinked down at his lover, sweat half-obscuring his vision. Then another deep groan escaped him as Dick added a third finger in his ass.

His hips bucked upward and suddenly a towel dropped down onto his chest. He opened his eyes again, not remembering he had closed them. "Wha -- ooohhmmm." Garth rocked on the fingers Dick thrust into him, surprised to realize that the machine beneath him had stopped rocking of it's own volition.

"We're almost to the spin cycle," Dick explained, or at least, said in explaining tones. Garth stared at his lover in non-comprehension, shuddering as Dick slowly withdrew his hand.

Lube sticky fingers slapped Garth's flank. "Stand up," Dick ordered.

"Dick," Garth protested, sitting up and cradling his now-aching erection.

Dick stepped back a step and Garth realized that somewhere along the way, he too had shed his jeans. Dick made a frame of the forefingers and thumbs of both hands, using it to display his own sizable erection. "I can't get Little Dick that high," he pointed out.

Garth swallowed hard, moving gingerly and cradling his cock as he dropped off the edge of the washer and steadied himself on his feet. The towel Dick had dropped on his chest rolled down to hang on his hand and cock, and Dick laughed.

"Towel holder. I'll remember that."

"Dick," Garth growled, shaking off the towel and stroking his hand over his erection.

"Uh uh uh," Dick chided, picking up the towel and folding it. "You'll want this. And quit touching yourself."


"Turn around," Dick ordered, "and spread 'em."

Garth touched his cock again. "Dick--"

"Do it."

Garth obeyed, and as soon as his back was to Dick, he felt his lover's arm cinch around his waist.

The towel Dick had picked up slid between the washer and Garth's body. "Spread 'em wider and lean forward," Dick commanded.

Garth moaned as he felt Dick's lubed cock sliding between the cheeks of his ass. He widened his stance and leaned forward until his weight was holding the towel against the washer. His cock was sandwiched between his body and the towel, but Dick was saying, "Very good. Very very good," and his cockhead was beginning to rub against Garth's hole.

"Dick, please," Garth begged as a steady pressure began, the stretching sensation that presaged penetration. Garth leaned over the washer onto his elbows, sweat dripping from his forehead onto the enameled surface. He wanted to pull back a little from the washing machine so he could touch his cock, but -- "Oh, Pallais, Dick--"

The head of Dick's cock was in him now, the length sliding slowly, oh so slowly--

And suddenly Dick stopped.

Garth squirmed. "Dick--"

"Wait for it," Dick breathed into Garth's ear. "Wait for it--"

Suddenly the washer thunked and whirred into life, vibrating furiously.

Garth bit back a scream as Dick thrust fully into him.

The vibrations were shooting through his cock, all over his body, and behind him, Dick was snapping his hips, pistoning into Garth's ass. Garth's hands scrabbled over the unyielding surface of the washer and he panted desperately, moans and gasps spilling from his lips.

"God, Garth, you're so -- oh, god... fuck..." Dick's words were growing more indistinct, and the whir of the washer seemed to be a counterpoint to the grunts and groans of the bodies draped over it.

"Pallais. Dick, you -- oh oh oh AHHHHHHHHHNNNNNMM!" Garth let himself shout as his cock spurted out into the towel that protected him from direct contact with the cold surface of the washer, and he felt his knees begin to shake as Dick continued to pound into him for a moment more and then suddenly go still. Warmth spread inside Garth's body and he felt liquid spilling from him as Dick pulled out of his ass. One of Dick's hands caught the towel and the other turned Garth. Dick planted a quick kiss on Garth's lips, then knelt to wipe the semen from Garth's hole and legs. Dick pressed more kisses to Garth's freshly cleaned flesh as he rose, wiping his own body dry. Finally, he met Garth's lips again.

"So," he challenged, smiling as he leaned back to meet Garth's eyes, "you still have complaints about how I do laundry?"

Garth smiled languidly and wrapped his arms around Dick's hips. "I guess I learn something new everyday," he allowed.

Dick grinned and hugged Garth close. "Just remember," he murmured into Garth's ear, "no spin cycles without me."

"Of course not," Garth agreed easily, "so long as you remember that next time? I get to top."