K/C Challenge Fic

by 'rith

Darklady has a way of posting challenges that my brain likes. I don't have TIME for this. Grr.

Of course, my first thought was of Dick and Garth, but they just glared at me and refused to cooperate. (Then they had sex just to spite me, and didnít let me watch. Dammit.) This went a little bit sideways, but there you go....

Darklady's challenge: Write a story - any pairing - about your favorite character (hero or villain) NOT having sex. Now, I don't mean not having sex because it's lunch and they are eating a burger. Or not having sex because they are busy chasing bad guys or saving the world (or conquering the world). Nope! I mean *specifically* not having sex. Preferably with a *specific* other character that they - for whatever reason - are *not* having that sex with. Feel free to be as detailed as you like about what your character is - for the moment - NOT doing. You get the idea, I'm sure.


Kyle Rayner and Connor Hawke were not having sex.

They were most emphatically NOT having sweaty, groaning, groping, cataclysmically mind-blowing, end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it-and-we-feel-fine-type of sex. They were not, in fact, having sex of any kind, and especially not with each other.

It was a source of constant frustration to them both.

It didn't have anything to do with the fact that Connor had just returned from the monastery (again) and his hair was still growing back. Kyle thought the fuzz was pretty cute, actually. And Connor wasn't the renounce-all-worldly-pleasures type of monk either, so THAT wasn't the problem. The truth was, Connor wanted to have sex with Kyle quite badly. It was partly because of the skin-tight spandex Kyle wore as Green Lantern--except it wasn't really spandex at all, but a ring-construct, which meant that Kyle was flying around pretty much naked all the time. Once Connor'd realized that, it'd been just about impossible to see Kyle in action as GL and not envision him in all his nude glory. Which had the usual effect. That was part of the reason he'd left the JLA; too difficult to explain why the sight of his teammate in costume left him so...distracted. Of course, it was also because of Kyle himself, cute and clueless as he was.

It didn't have anything to do with the fact that Kyle hadn't been attracted to men before Connor, either. He was a 90's kinda guy, so open-minded that (as Jen was fond of telling him) his brain was likely to fall out. Once he'd realized the attraction and gotten over the surprise of it, it really hadn't been that big a deal. Conn was so incredibly...striking. And personality-wise nearly the opposite of Kyle himself, that amazing calm centeredness that Kyle could never in a million years begin to understand. Kyle's emotions lived all on his skin for the world to see. Conn's...ran quieter, but deeper. Once he'd begun to see what lay under the surface--well, he just wanted to get closer to that. And closer still.

They weren't having sex because--well, because no one was *writing* it. Even despite the constant rumors about Conn's sexuality, and the speculations about Kyle's tendency to create scantily clad women with his ring being complete and utter macho overcompensation. Sure, Kyle was dating Jade in canon, but so what? Canon never stopped the Nightwing Writers. THAT guy saw more action in slash fic than the rest of the DCU combined.

Terribly unfair, really.

So *why* didn't they get that kind of attention? As comic-book guys Kyle and Conn were every bit as attractive as Dick Grayson, given a good artist. Kyle even had a decent Official Writer these days. And Connor's life was an open page since he wasn't appearing anywhere currently. *Plenty* of material to work with. Hell, just the angst over Oliver Queen's return should be good for any number of stories...never mind the "Dark Kyle" theme that seemed to be brewing in the pages of Green Lantern.

And if those weren't enough, well, there was always the infamous Diner Scene. How much more incentive could a slasher want?!

Worst of all, they'd both spent a lot of time thinking about all the sex they weren't having. Imagining it in explicit detail. Waiting for the spark of inspiration to strike a Writer so that they could see all those fevered imaginings become reality.

It didn't help that Kyle's sketchbooks were filling up with pictures of Connor, caught in the poses he'd grown to love. Nocking an arrow, that look of beautiful effortless concentration as he aimed. Performing an elaborate kata with never a wasted movement. Knotted into a lotus position that would have had Kyle in agony, but which Conn claimed was "relaxing." Musing about that flexibility sent his thoughts in other directions, too, which was why the Connors toward the back of his books were wearing progressively less and less clothing....

It didn't help that Connor's meditations were filling up with images of Kyle--in and out of costume, it hardly mattered. Flying with the JLA, having earned his place among those modern gods. Making the impossible real with his ring, a green wishing-ring that gave his thoughts form and substance. Leaning over a sketchpad or painter's easel, engaged in an act of *creation* more profound than any ring-construct. Connor found that gift, that talent and breadth of imagination, utterly fascinating, inspiring...and very, very sexy.

If things went on this way, they'd have to take matters into their own hands. As it were.

But until then, they'd just have to go on not having sex.

{end, sigh}


Dedicated -- with the utmost affection -- to Carmen, in whose head these two really live. And presumably have sex, though she's yet to write it.... *g*

Oh, yeah, and a not-too-subtle plug for the K/C Green archive, which really NEEDS MORE STORIES.

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