Jack/Sand drabble (200 words)

by 'rith

Pairing: Jack Knight [formerly Starman]/Sanderson Hawkins [Sand]
Archive: Ask first, please.
Disclaimer: Characters by DC, words by 'rith.
Based on Smitty's *unpublished* Jack/Sand series. Pester her for it unmercifully.



"Take me to bed?"

Sand blinked a little and turned his head to look at his lover. Jack lay sprawled out on the couch, staring up at the ceiling with no indication that he'd just asked...what he'd asked.

"Uh..." Sand improvised. "Isn't that my line?"

Now Jack was looking at him, nearly expressionless, waiting. If this were a test....

Jack had been subtly trying to get him to take the initiative. Sand had learned a lot, the last few months, but that particular lesson...wasn't easy for him. Most of the time, Jack was only too happy to make the first move.

He supposed that in a way Jack had, simply by asking. So the rest was still a reaction, right?

He could *do* reactions.

Sand got up from where he'd been lazing on the floor and swung a leg over to straddle Jack's body. Jack blinked up at him, surprised. Sand grinned. "Does it have to be the bed?"

"Anywhere you wanna *take* me." Jack stretched his arms over his head in obvious invitation.

Sand leaned down and brushed his lips over Jack's. "I'll try," he murmured. "I want to be good for you."

"You always are, Sand."


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