All work and no fic make 'rith a dull girl. I haven't been able to finish any of the two dozen or so WiPs in my files, so I did a 200-word short to prove I *could* finish something. Yay me.

Incontrovertible (200 words)

by 'rith

Pairing: Bruce/Dick
Archive: ask first, please
Disclaimer: I keep them, wrapped in plastic, for my own amusement. Characters by DC, words by 'rith.

"Don't ever."

Hot breath curling into his face.

"Scare me."

Hard chest pushing against him.

"Like that again."

Hands clenching in the fabric of his suit.

"Do you understand me, Bruce?"

Blue eyes meeting his, filled with rage, frustration, barely relieved terror.


Unmasked, Bruce stares down at his former partner, his former ward, seeing both the laughing daredevil boy and the intense breathtaking man he's become. Nightwing. Dick. Who is standing far too close, physically and emotionally, to Bruce's very last reserves of control and denial.

He assumes the imperturbable fašade. He's made a career of pretending. "Dick, I--"

Dick cuts him off, nearly snarling. "*No.* No justifications. No rationalizations. I'm tired of hearing them. I'm tired of watching you hurt yourself because you think it's the only way to get things done. And I'm way beyond caring that I'm not supposed to do this, because I don't know any other way to make you *hear* me."

The kiss burns, searing in its passion. He lets it happen because it's inevitable, doesn't resist because some things are predestined.

He's wanted this kiss. He's feared it. It shatters his control, makes a mockery of his denial.

And he's lost.


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