Sea and Sky:


by Chicago

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As always, there's a story. See, I was bribed. It was a REALLY GOOD bribe. More than one fic worthy bribe. So this is just a start, really. --Chi

Disclaimers: Dick and Garth belong to DC Comics and are used without permission, but only for fun, not for profit. The Sea and Sky universe belongs to 'rith, who graciously allows me to play and has approved this story. Amber belongs to me, but she's pretty much a stock character and I'm not overly attached to her.

Dedication: For 'rith, for being so amazingly cool and generous and sending me little J'onns. :)


Garth looked nervously at Dick as his lover finished scrawling his signature and handed him a pen. His pen. His $100 pen that he had bought just for this occasion and, knowing Dick, might never be used again. Garth licked his lips and glanced down at the contract Dick had angled toward him. "Go on," Dick urged, a curious light in his eyes.

Garth nodded once and set pen to paper, placing his own formal signature beneath Dick's bold scrawl. The ink flowed smoothly -- almost as smoothly as did Atlantean writing instruments. Garth set down the pen. He stared at his name for a moment, then raised his eyes and slid the contract toward the woman sitting across from them both.

The woman, Amber Kryzanski, smiled warmly as she accepted the contract and slipped into one of a stack of folders. Then she picked up the keys that had been resting beside those folders. "Congratulations, gentlemen. You are now homeowners. Which of you would like these?"

Garth felt Dick kick at his ankle and wiped his palms on his suit pants. It wasn't that they were sweaty -- they never were -- but...

He lifted a hand and reached forward. "I'll take them," he said, letting Amber settle them into his palm. They were cold and solid and REAL, and it was almost too much. He was not quite sure how he maintained his composure as he closed his fingers over the keys to his -- to THEIR -- new house. He could feel Dick's thigh pressing against his on the couch in the real estate office, and then Dick was hugging him tight and kissing --

Garth closed his eyes and squeezed his fingers tight around their keys as Dick's tongue pressed its way into his mouth for just a moment, just long enough to make a promise. Then Dick was sitting back and meeting Amber's amused smile with his trademark easy grin. "Had to be done," he remarked, taking Garth's free hand in his and giving a squeeze. "I had to be sure it's real."

Amber smirked a little. "Oh, it's real. As of two minutes ago, it's all yours."

Garth found his voice. "We don't have to do anything else?"

"Well, you have to move in," Amber replied almost saucily. "And maybe pick out drapes..."

Garth was barely hearing her. "We can go there now?"

Amber gestured toward the pile of paperwork. "It's yours. You can do whatever you want."

Dick suddenly rose to his feet, pulling Garth with him by the hand he still held. "Then I vote we go," he stated. "Amber--"

She stood and accepted his proffered hand. "It's been lovely to work with you. I'm so glad you were able to find what you wanted -- oh!"

She pulled back, slightly startled by the kiss Dick planted on her cheek. "You're the best!" he declared. His hand tightened around Garth's. "Well, second best," he amended.

"I'll take that," Amber decided. "Garth?"

He released Dick's hand to shake Amber's. "Thank you so much," he said fervently, meaning it.

She smiled again. "I only wish all my clients were so clear about what they want. Now, go see your place!"

Garth squeezed his fingers around their keys -- their HOUSE keys -- again and looked to Dick. "Please?"

Dick chuckled and once more claimed Garth's hand. "We're gone. See you, Amber!"

Dick released Garth's hand in the parking lot and paused at the car, an sly little smile on his lips. "Just this second I'm kinda wishing we took the bike." He raked his eyes over Garth's body appreciatively, and Garth knew exactly how he felt. Dick held up the car keys. "You want to drive?"

Garth shook his head. "I doubt I'm well enough oriented to get there on land." But he could get there by water. Because it was close enough to water. Because it was perfect. Garth felt almost dizzy as he walked to the passenger side, the keys to THEIR HOUSE digging into his fingers as he clutched them tightly.

Dick chuckled and swung into the driver's seat. He pulled the door shut, but he didn't belt in right away. Instead he turned to Garth and once more captured his lips, one hand sliding beneath Garth's tie and tickling through the gap between buttons. "Ready to go?" he asked, resting his hand over Garth's heart.

Garth nodded mutely and settled back into his seat as Dick let him go.

They reached THEIR HOUSE in minutes. Dick parked the car in THEIR DRIVEWAY and Garth let out a quiet sigh. "It's ours."

Dick nodded and grinned. "Yep." His hand reached over to run along Garth's nearer thigh. "Should we christen it?"

Garth caught Dick's hand and pulled it to his groin for a second, letting him feel how much he liked the idea. "Oh yeah."

Dick was out of the car in seconds, impatiently waiting for Garth to catch up as he reached the front door. Garth forced his fingers to loosen around the keys, holding them up for Dick to see. "Do you want to do the honors?"

Dick shook his head. "You find the right key. Then we'll do it together."

Garth smiled and looked at the ring for the first time since Amber handed it to him. Each key had a little tin-edged paper circle attached to it, and he found the one marked front door. "Here it is."

Dick was pressing closer to his back, and Dick's hand snaked around his waist. "Put it in," he breathed in Garth's ear.

Garth gave a little shudder and obeyed. The key slid in smoothly.

Quicker than thought, Dick spun Garth around so his back was against the front door. Garth's gasp was cut off by Dick's tongue pressing between his lips, and he felt Dick fumble for his hand and lead it to the doorknob and the key in it. Dick's other hand cinched Garth close to him. Under Dick's guidance, both their hands turned the key and the doorknob, and Dick bore Garth backward through the door as it opened. "Honey," he murmured around their kisses, "we're home."

"Yes," Garth sighed, taking in one more long kiss before pushing Dick back and looking out into THEIR HOUSE.

The foyer was warmly lit by the afternoon sun through a skylight, and the short entrance hall opened invitingly to a main living area, a sprawling space that was... not quite empty? Garth's face twisted into a puzzled frown as Dick stepped away and studied the objects in the middle of the living room floor. Dick glanced back at his lover. "We do have friends with teleporter access," he reminded, reaching back for Garth's hand. "Come on."

Garth slid the key out of the front door and closed it behind them. Dick let his hand drop and preceded him into the living room, kneeling down to investigate the tented white card sitting in the middle of a spread picnic blanket. The smile on his face when he looked back at Garth was more than enough to reassure his lover. He held the card out to Garth and turned back to dig into an oversize picnic basket.

It took Garth a moment to digest what he was reading. He stared blankly at the card for a stunned moment, only shaking off his surprise when Dick settled a champagne flute between the unresisting fingers of his free hand. Garth tightened his hold on the delicate glass so as not to drop it, noting belatedly the sterling ice bucket from which the neck of a bottle of Dom Perignon protruded.

Dick smiled at him as he raised his eyes. "To us," Dick proposed, clinking his glass against Garth's, "and our new home."

"Our new home," Garth echoed as they twined their arms together and sipped the champagne. Dick's free hand traveled to Garth's hip, and the card in Garth's fingers fluttered to the floor as they exchanged a champagne flavored kiss. Clothes began to peel away, fall to the floor in a random scatter, but the card remained face up and uncovered to be later bathed in the light of the setting sun:

"Congratulations and best wishes on the new place. Love, Bruce."