Sea and Sky:


by Hotspur

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Disclaimer: Characters owned by DC Comics and borrowed without permission, just for fun. Set in the Sea and Sky universe by Kerithwyn Jade with permission.

Pairing: Dick/Garth

Rating: NC-17


Garth leaned against the doorway, his knees suddenly weak. A low groan escaped his throat as Dick's fingers pressed into his hips. He could feel the hot breath over his cock, the teasing flicks of tongue just beneath his foreskin.

It was like being a teenager again, the way Dick could have him hard just with a look, but better, because ... oooh. Garth's grip on the doorframe tightened as soft lips descended and a swirling tongue tip gathered precum and swallowed it away. The look was the same, but he'd had to wait until adulthood to know that the look was a promise.

Oh, a most delicious promise!

Dick's mouth slipped lower, his tongue pushing back Garth's foreskin and tracing the raised edge of the head of Garth's cock. Garth bit his lip and surged forward, whimpering.

The half thrust forced his cock deeper into his lover's mouth, and a teasing touch of teeth was just firm enough to excite him further. He reached a hand down brush over and then tangle in Dick's dark curls. Through slitted eyes, he could see Dick's mouth sliding further down his rigid cock, and he could feel Dick's tongue massaging the underside of his cock.

Dick raised a hand to push Garth's boxers down a little further, give him better access to Garth's balls.

Garth moaned and tried to spread his legs a little wider. He felt Dick's mouth slide off his cock and looked down.

Dick was kneeling there, his eyes on Garth's face, mischievous glints int their blue depths. He was sucking on one finger as his other hand continued to fondle Garth's balls and stroke Garth's cock.

Garth braced his shoulder against the doorframe and traced a thumb over Dick's cheekbone.

Dick popped the finger out of his mouth and gave a grin. Then with deliberate showmanship, he brandished the finger and stretched his hand between Garth's legs. A split second later, Garth felt the pressure against his asshole, and then gasped as Dick's finger penetrated him.

Dick's hand grasped his cock as he slid the finger in and out of Garth's hole a few times, prompting Garth to lean his head back. He could sense Dick probing, searching, and... Pallais, that was it! A strangled sound escaped him and Dick tightened his fist.

Dick's finger was still wiggling as he once again pulled the head of Garth's cock into his mouth. There was an increase of pressure as a second finger sought entrance, and Garth willed his ass to relax, to allow...

"Oh, Dick!" he blurted as suddenly three quarters of his cock slipped into Dick's mouth. For a second he could feel the head of his cock pressing against the back of Dick's throat. Then in the same moment, Dick's second finger pressed into him and he felt the muscle contraction of a swallow around his cock.

He repressed a shout as his cock was massaged and he felt Dick's nose buried in his public hair. The thickness of two fingers now pressed into him, and Dick was managing to give a double pass to Garth's prostate as he thrust those fingers deep into his lover. Dick's other hand continued to fondle Garth's balls, giving a teasing pull in counterpoint to the mouth now bouncing on Garth's cock.

Garth could feel his balls tightening as he thrust forward into Dick's mouth, felt Dick's fingers spreading in his ass. "Pallais!" he cried, no longer able to resist, exploding dizzyingly against that taunting palate. His hand pulled at Dick's hair and he felt his fingers begin to dig into the wood of the doorframe as the world turned kaleidoscope colors for a moment.

He felt Dick's fingers slowly slide out of him, gasp and half-laughed as Dick's tongue bathed his cock and triggered aftershocks. He let his knees relax, sinking down finally to kiss Dick's mouth.

He could taste the cum still clinging to Dick's tongue.

He fell into the kiss, half surprised when Dick finally pulled away with a saucy grin. "So," Dick said, licking his lips. "You miss me?"