Sea and Sky:

Happy Returns

by Hotspur

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Dick's eyes slitted open before the fog of half-sleep had left his brain. He groaned and shifted, his mind muddily confused. Papers slid off his chest before he had the wherewithal to snatch for them. He could pick them up later, he thought wearily, his eyes falling shut again. His body broadcast a series of dull aches, but they were not enough to penetrate his desire to sleep. Nor was the nagging feeling that he should care more about those papers. And that lamp that still burned on the end table? It was far less annoying now that the rest of the room was daylight bright...

He turned his head so his cheek pressed against the back of the sofa, making himself believe it was still night. He could feel sleep coming back, and he welcomed it, wrapping himself in it.

But someone was touching his arm.

Rather insistently, actually.

He scowled and turned his face away more, trying to make whoever it was go away by ignoring him. A voice penetrated into his resistant thoughts. "Dick? Dick, wake up."

"Lea' me alone," Dick mumbled, pulling his arm away from whoever it was. The touch went away, and he could dimly hear the papers being picked up from the floor. Another moment, and then he felt the weight of the remaining paper on his chest being lifted. He sighed with relief and turned onto his side, scrunching into a fetal position. A hand rested on his head and petted his hair. He moved his head against it, fading again toward sleep.

He felt the weight of a body sitting on the edge of the couch behind him, and now the hand was stroking over his back. "Dick, if you don't want to wake up, you should at least move to the bed," the voice said quietly.

"Don' wanna mm..." Dick trailed off, the motion of the hand beginning to blend into a dream...

He was with Garth, by the seaside. He was pressed back against him, feeling Garth's strong chest against his back. Garth rested his chin on Dick's shoulder and kissed Dick's cheek, whispering...

"C'mon, sleeping beauty. Wake up."

Dick smiled and shifted so he could meet Garth's lips. Their mouths met, moving first with just gentle touches, then opening to one another. Dick felt Garth's tongue slip into his mouth and he opened his eyes lazily...

And suddenly was fully awake.

"Oh, shit!" he exclaimed, pulling away from Garth and sitting up in a panic. "What time is it? Dammit, I --"

"Dick," Garth cautioned, resting his hand on Dick's knee.

"This is serious, Garth. If I don't have a summary of this report on the chief's desk by--"

"Dick," Garth interrupted, "calm down."

"Christ, it's after nine. Why didn't you--"

"Dick," Garth said again, infinitely patient as Dick stared around crazily for his stack of paper.

"Garth, I'm serious. If I don't--" He sounded desperate, almost near tears.

"Amy called," Garth interrupted, his hand on Dick's knee giving a squeeze.

Dick blinked in complete confusion. "Amy? What-- how --"

"About an hour ago. They had a break in the case overnight."

Dick stared at Garth uncomprehendingly.

Garth shifted his hand to Dick's shoulder and began gently stroking his arm. "They'll need the report later for evidence, but they've got enough to hold him for now," Garth explained. "Amy said to tell you to stay home, get some sleep."

Dick's expression was somewhere between relief and annoyance. "I--"

"Shh," Garth interrupted. "I've never seen you sleep through the phone ringing before," he remarked.

Dick frowned, his thoughts still feeling disjointed. "It must have been turned low..."

Garth shook his head. "It was ringing when I got to the door. Trust me, it was not turned low."

Dick blinked. Garth at the door? What --? The week suddenly snapped back into focus for him. Garth away on ambassadorial duties, the serial killer loose in the 'haven, too many shifts to count, switching between Officer Grayson and Nightwing, the perp eluding both...

Garth's hand had curled behind Dick's neck, his thumb brushing across Dick's cheekbone. "Is this what you do when I leave you to yourself?" he asked, and Dick finally recognized the thinly veiled worry in Garth's eyes.

Dick swallowed and tried to force his muzzy head to focus. He offered Garth a weak smile. "How was your trip?"

"Fine," Garth answered, "although had I known you were working yourself into the ground..." There was disapproval in Garth's tone.....

Dick just nodded absently, his mind already losing the thread of conversation.


His eyes drifted back to Garth's face to be captured in his lover's violet gaze. Garth stared at him steadily, and Dick could do little more than stare numbly back, unable to look away.

Garth finally sighed and stood, holding his hand out. "You need sleep," he determined, helping Dick to his feet, "and not more time on this couch."

"I'm fine," Dick protested unconvincingly, stumbling slightly as he stood and leaning into Garth for support. He smiled from within the circle of Garth's arms and planted a kiss on Garth's jawbone. "I wanna welcome you home," he slurred, holding tight to Garth.

Garth snorted. "Yes, there's nothing more flattering than having your lover fall asleep while you're kissing his balls. C'mon, Dick."

"I wou'n't fall asleep," Dick protested as Garth led him toward the bedroom. His eyelids were already drooping as he focused on putting one foot in front of the other.

"Uh huhn," Garth replied, watching the stiff awkwardness of Dick's movement. He steered Dick to the bed and sat him down on the end of it. "Steady there," he said, holding Dick's shoulder until Dick stopped swaying. Then he began to undo the buttons on Dick's uniform shirt.

"Mmmm," Dick murmured. "I missed you."

"I missed you, too," Garth acknowledged, pulling the shirt tails out of Dick's pants. "There was no one to babysit on my trip."

Dick frowned a little. "Don' be mad..." he protested.

Garth glanced up at Dick's face, and, reading the confusion there, gently pressed a kiss to Dick's lips. "I'm teasing, Dick," he assured. He pushed Dick's uniform shirt off of Dick's shoulders and stripped it from Dick's arms. He tossed it in the direction of the hamper, not watching to see if it landed anywhere near the receptacle. He'd have to take off the name badge and other rank insignia before it got washed anyway.

Dick giggled a little. "That's my move," he pointed out.

Garth snorted. "Arms up," he ordered, pulling off Dick's undershirt.

Dick obeyed, and the undershirt followed the uniform top. Garth frowned slightly as he noticed the pressure marks from where the back of Dick's name badge had dug into Dick's flesh. How exhausted did a person have to be to not notice that as they slept? Rhetorical question, of course; he could see that Dick was barely functional, but it still made him worry. He ran his fingers over the angry red dents in Dick's chest, then lowered his lips to kiss them soothingly. He felt a low moan issue from Dick, and then Dick's hands were in his hair.

"I missed you," Dick said again.

Garth lifted his head and wrapped one arm around Dick's back to rub his skin. "I missed you, too," he answered. He straightened up, then, and reached for Dick's belt buckle. He could already see that the buckle had dug into Dick's flesh as well, and he sighed a little. "Dick, you need to take better care of yourself."

He could feel Dick frowning down at him. "People getting killed," Dick protested. "Had to stop--"

"Shh. I know." Garth undid Dick's pants. "Stand up a second, Dick."

Dick obeyed, swaying on his feet as he grabbed Garth's shoulder for balance. Garth stripped off pants and boxers in one move, freeing Dick's half-erection gently before slipping everything from Dick's hips and down to his ankles.

At a touch to his hip, Dick sank back down onto the bed and Garth removed pants and socks from Dick's body. Dick smiled down at him loopily. "Now you have me naked you'll have your way with me?"

"Now I have you naked I'm putting you to bed," Garth corrected.

Dick pouted, it's effectiveness lost as his eyes again began to drift shut.

"Come on, officer," Garth urged. "Under the covers."

Dick half crawled back to where Garth had turned down the sheets, groaning slightly as his settled down into the bed.

Garth rested a hand on Dick's shoulder. "Couch isn't too comfortable, is it?"

"No," Dick agreed. "Stay with me?"

Garth studied the weary features of his lover, noticed how Dick winced when Garth's hands encountered a painful knot of muscle.

He kissed the tip of Dick's nose. "On your belly," he ordered.

ooooo," Dick remarked, a smile curling into his cheeks, "can't resis' me."

"Yeah, that's it," Garth agreed sarcastically, "nothing more appealing than a rumpled, exhausted cop."

A deep hiss sounded from Dick as Garth's hands unerringly found the tightness in Dick's back. "mmm, Garth..."

"Shh," Garth whispered, letting his magic warm his hands and spread soothing energy through his fingers into Dick's back. He listened carefully to Dick's breathing as he worked over Dick's muscles. When finally Dick was soundly asleep, he gently rose from the bed and pulled the covers over his lover. He placed one final, gentle kiss on Dick's forehead and quietly left the room.

*****************several hours later************

Garth nudged open the bedroom door with his hip. He pushed it closed behind him with his toe as he carefully carried the dinner tray to the bed table on Dick's side of the bed.

At some point in the last hour, Dick had actually moved for the first time since he had fallen asleep under Garth's massaging hands. It was a sign that maybe his body was recovered enough to take in a little nourishment. Judging from the frozen pizza boxes and the depletion of the coffee supply, Dick had been far from nutritionally aware over the week Garth had been gone.

Once he had gotten the kitchen cleaned up, Garth had opted to make soup, reasoning a big enough batch could be frozen for whenever he was next out of town. He'd also restocked the refrigerator with vegetables. Now armed with soup and a sandwich and juice, he settled down on the bed beside his lover and gently shook his shoulder.


The response this time was more reassuring--Dick's hand snapped to Garth's wrist and tightened. His eyes opened, and then he relaxed his hold. "Garth," he said with delight in his tone. "So I didn't dream you."

Garth smiled. "Maybe you're still dreaming," he teased.

Dick stretched, joints popping, then abruptly sat up, hooking his arms around Garth's torso and pressing his lips to Garth's. Garth blinked a moment before he gave into the fiery intensity of Dick's kiss, his breath stolen by forceful demands of soft lips and hard tongue.

Garth gasped as they broke apart and Dick grinned. "No, definitely not dreaming," he determined, licking his lips. Dick reached a hand to Garth's cheek and studied Garth's face fondly, touching a finger to the reddened lips. "God, I missed you."

Garth nodded. "So you said earlier."

Dick chuckled and lowered his hand to brush over Garth's chest. "You miss me?"

Garth closed his hand over Dick's as Dick brushed a thumb across one nipple through Garth's t-shirt. He leaned in to kiss Dick's lips again. "What kind of silly question is that?" he asked.

Dick answered with another kiss, scooting closer to Garth and wrapping arms around his lover's body.

A rumble sounded, and Garth pulled back with a laugh. "I thought you might be hungry," he said, gesturing toward the food tray.

Dick responded by cinching himself more closely to Garth's body and again kissing Garth firmly, one hand drifting down to the bulge in Garth's pants. Garth's hands pressed into Dick's bare back, moving in massaging circles, and he raised his hips a little to meet Dick's hand. Dick moaned against his mouth, and Garth forced himself to pull away.

"You need to eat," he objected half-heartedly.

"I need you," Dick contradicted, again pulling Garth to him.

Now Dick shifted up onto his knees, the blankets falling away from his body. Garth groaned a little as his eyes glimpsed Dick's hard cock, and almost involuntarily, he reached out a hand to wrap around it, to claim it.

Dick gasped at the pressure of Garth's hand, then grinned. "That's right," he encouraged, rocking his hips a little. "Take me."

Garth pumped Dick's cock as Dick's hands worked on the fly of Garth's pants, their lips barely parting as they scrambled beneath one another's waists. Garth took a shuddering breath as Dick finally got his hand inside Garth's boxers, forming a vacuum seal between their mouths for a split second that had them both laughing as they broke contact for a moment.

Laughter turned to gasping breaths as Dick worked his hand skillfully around Garth's cock, swirling his thumb over the pre-cum slick head and teasing the organ to a full red flush. "You have too many clothes on," Dick breathed.

Garth nodded wordlessly, reluctantly releasing Dick's cock so Dick could haul the t-shirt over Garth's head.

Dick trapped Garth's arms in the stretchy cotton for a moment, his hot mouth capturing first one nipple and then the other. Garth squirmed as teeth grazed over one nipple. "Dick..."

Dick grinned up at him. "I think I like you like this," he smirked, twisting Garth's t-shirt and pulling it down more effectively over Garth's wrists. Then he lowered his mouth, breathing hotly over Garth's cock.


Dick tugged on the t-shirt, pulling Garth down onto the bed. With his other hand, he urged Garth to lift his hips, scooted Garth's pants down in increments. He kept his mouth close to Garth's cock, breathing across it, occasionally dipping just the tip of his tongue down to taste it.

Garth writhed, trying to get enough leverage to force his hips up. "Dick," he protested again.

Dick slid his hand between Garth's thighs to roll Garth's balls, grinning up toward his lover. "Yes?"

There was a ripping sound as the t-shirt gave way under Garth's impatience, and Dick found Garth's hands on his head, pushing him down. "Quit playing," Garth growled, pressing Dick's face into his groin.

Dick smiled against Garth's cock, breathing in the musky smell and darting his tongue out for another teasing taste. "What do you want?" he asked.

Garth tightened his fingers in Dick's hair. "Dick--"

"Tell me," Dick purred, letting his mouth move against Garth's cock as he spoke.

Garth thrust his hips up. "Suck me!" he demanded.

Dick grinned, then obeyed, pulling Garth into his throat and swallowing him deep.

Garth hissed and bucked into Dick's mouth, his motion limited by the pants still bunched at his knees. "Pallais!" Garth breathed. "I missed you."

Dick raised his mouth and ran a hand over his chin. "I hope so," he said, eyes shining wickedly.

He stood up then and peeled Garth's pants off completely. Then he opened the drawer of the nightstand and pulled out the lube.

Garth watched him through half-lidded eyes.

Dick wrapped one hand around Garth's cock for a moment, giving it a little squeeze. Then he hopped onto the bed and rose to his feet, straddling Garth's chest. "Watch," he ordered.

Garth's hands circled Dick's ankles and a little growl escaped his throat.

Dick grinned and gripped his own cock, giving it a couple of solid pulls. A drop of pre-cum slowly formed, then dripped down to land on Garth's chest.

Garth hissed and his head rose up as if to reach for Dick's cock.

Dick grinned and bent at the waist, his gymnast's flexibility allowing him to stretch down between his own legs and lick the drop of pre-cum from Garth's chest. Then he lifted his face and opened his mouth to Garth's lips, smearing the droplet of salty fluid between their tongues.

Garth's eyes were open wide, staring hungrily at Dick, oblivious to the fact that Dick was squeezing lube onto his own fingers.

Dick reached back between his own ass cheeks, smearing lube over his hungry hole. His mouth still worked against Garth's, and he could feel Garth's hands tightening on his ankles. He reached down for one of those hands, letting his lubed fingers glide over the back of Garth's hand.

He urged Garth's grip to loosen and claimed Garth's fingers, smearing more lube over them. He dragged Garth's hand up his leg, up his thigh, as he broke his kiss and half stood again. He began lowering his hips, changing his position so Garth's hand could reach.

Around his ankle, Garth's other hand squeezed almost painfully tight, and Garth's eyes were wide open, staring after his own hand. He was almost stock still, his body shuddering once when Dick finally led Garth's hands between Dick's ass cheeks.

The chill lube warmed for a moment between those cheeks and Garth swallowed hard. Then Dick reached around to spread his ass and rub his hole over Garth's slick fingers. He closed his eyes and moaned blissfully. Dick began lowering his hips, gasping in pleasure as Garth got the hint and pressed one finger against Dick's hole.

Dick challenged himself to see how slowly he could lower his body on that intruding digit, pressing deeper, deeper...

He gasped as Garth hooked the finger, brushing it across his prostate. Another drop of pre-cum dripped down onto Garth's chest.

Dick opened his eyes as Garth pulled the finger free, catching the hungry half-smile on Garth's face right before Garth plunged two fingers full length into Dick's ass.

Dick froze, his legs trembling. Inside him he felt Garth's fingers scissoring, spreading him. Garth's half-smile became a hard grin. "Feel that?"

"Oh my god, yes," Dick exclaimed. "Ohhhmmm..." A third finger was pressing into him.

He cried out as Garth twisted the fingers, changing the angle of penetration. He didn't dare move, but his thighs were starting to ache from holding this half-squat.

"I want to see you hold your cock," Garth directed.

Dick bit his lip and obeyed, then almost screamed as Garth withdrew and thrust his fingers back into Dick as soon as Dick had hold of himself. The motion tightened Dick's fingers, caused him to pull at his cock in counterpoint.

"You're so beautiful," Garth crooned, the hand that hand been on Dick's ankle running up his trembling calf to his thigh.

Dick desperately grabbed hold of Garth's wrist between his legs, pulling down to release Garth's fingers from his ass. It felt unbearably empty, but, "I need more," Dick explained, deepening his squat.

He laced his fingers in Garth's lube slicked hand, squeezing it as he reached his other hand down to hold Garth's cock in position. He watched the way Garth watched him inch his body down, hungrily regarding the diminishing distance between Garth's cock and Dick's hot heat. He gasped as Garth's cock slipped along the lube that smeared along his crack, felt Garth's hips raise a little.

Then he squatted more deeply, opening his hole for his lover, feeling the press of thick cock against him. He bit his lip and closed his eyes as Garth's cock spread him even more than his fingers had.

There was a faint relaxing of pressure as the head slipped past the tight ring of muscle, and Dick moaned loudly. Garth's free hand came up to cradle Dick's balls, rolling them gently in Garth's palm.

Another inch of cock slid into Dick, and his breathing was getting more ragged as he fought to control his descent.

A thrust beneath him pushed more of Garth's cock into him, and he squeezed the hand of Garth's he still held, his fingers sliding through the lube.

"How much do you need me?" Garth's voice asked tauntingly, and it was too much.

Dick let out a strangled sound as he let his weight drop, sucking Garth's cock all the way into his ass.

"Guh!" Garth grunted, and he grabbed Dick's cock in his hand.

Dick lifted his hips and sank down again, gasping and pulling at Garth, urging him to shift positions. "I don't...ugh... want... gih... to fuck... ah... you," he protested, still bouncing on Garth's cock as he pulled Garth into a sitting position. He rose up again, urging Garth onto his knees.

"What ... Pallais... tell me... oohh...what... do... aahhhmmm... you... want?" Garth prompted, his eyes shining through their lust darkened depths. From his knees he could thrust up more, pushing his cock more deeply into Dick's ass.

Dick wound his legs around Garth's waist and leaned back, pulling Garth forward. He half-screamed as Garth pistoned his hips forward, driving deep into him.

Garth's hands caught Dick's hips, pushing him forward and back in counter point to his own thrusts. Dick was half sobbing as Garth's cock filled him, thrusting deep into his body, shifting things inside him in ways that only made him ache for more.

"I...ooff... want... oh, god...want...Garth... ahh... want... o... you... you... god, Garth... you... to... gah... fuck... "

Garth was pounding into him now, and Dick had raised his legs to hook them over Garth's shoulder, to allow him to thrust as deeply as possible.

"... to ... oh god... fuck... fuck...oh, fuckfuckfuck... ME!" Dick screamed, his cock erupting over his own chest, his mouth suddenly claimed by Garth, leaning forward, still thrusting, sliding in and out of his spasming hole. Dick's knees were almost at his ears as Garth plundered his mouth, his cock finding a new angle and drawing aftershocks with every desperate, friction hot thrust.

Garth gasped suddenly and went still, his face distorting into a mask of pure pleasure, and Dick could feel the semen flooding him, slowly leaking out of his ass.

"Pallais!" Garth gulped, gently freeing Dick's legs from his shoulders before collapsing against his lover with a wet splat.

Their chests slid against one another in the puddle of cum that still sat cooling on Dick's chest, and Garth pulled out of Dick before he began kissing him again, this time more playfully. Dick accepted the little nips and brushes of Garth's lips. "We're going to get stuck together," he pointed out.

"mmm, is that so bad?" Garth asked, sliding one hand along Dick's flank.

As if in answer, a sudden rumble came from Dick's stomach.

Garth raised his head with a smile. "Other appetites assert themselves, eh?"

Dick wrapped his arms around his lover and squeezed him tight. "But my body knows you can satisfy them all," he replied.

Garth snorted, but he still planted a tender kiss on Dick's lips before he pushed himself up with his arms. "I'm such a sucker," Garth complained good naturedly.

Dick raised his eyebrow as Garth walked to the bathroom to get a washcloth. "I thought that was my job," he quipped.

In answer, a warm wet washcloth flew out to smack against his chest. "Maybe you can make that point again once we get some food into you," Garth stated.

Dick grinned and scrubbed the cum off his chest, letting Garth finish cleaning him up when Garth returned to the bed. "Promise?" he asked, as the warm washcloth brushed across his asshole and bathed his balls. Garth's lips descended to plant a kiss on Dick's flaccid cock. "Oh, yeah." Dick's cock began to fill, and Garth swiped at it with his cloth as Dick sat up. "Eat first," he lectured the cock.

Dick grinned and took the washcloth to wipe Garth's body. "You say so, captain," he agreed, wrapping the washcloth around Garth's cock and prompting it to stir.

Garth gave Dick a look and stilled his hand. "Food, Dick. Food."

"Food, then dick, then food. I can live with that," Dick teased as he reached for the sandwich still on the bedside tray.

Garth shook his head. "You'll be the death of me," he complained, but his hand was resting beside Dick's cock and offered an occasional stroke as he supervised his lover's nutrition.