Sea and Sky:

Happily Ever

by Smittywing

It was the first lazy Sunday morning they could remember having since...well, neither of their memories could dredge up a really good lazy Sunday morning memory, and they both knew that it was most likely the last lazy Sunday morning they'd have for many weeks to come. They'd already executed Dick's version of "making the most of it" and had settled into Garth's definition -- sprawling across the couch with reading material that had nothing to do with anyone's political stance, economic fluctuations, or human resource problems. Dick was reading a soft-boiled mystery novel with a quirky female protagonist -- he couldn't remember who had left it on their end table, but he was fairly certain it was Roy -- and Garth was reading Politically Correct Fairy Tales and snorting every time he turned the page.

"Stop that," Dick finally commanded, tossing his own book aside. He'd solved the mystery on page 42 and had just been reading to find out if the accident-prone best friend was going to set something on fire.

"Stop what?" Garth asked, turning the page and promptly snorting again.

"You're the most politically correct person I know. Stop laughing at that book like you're crass or something."

Garth chuckled and closed the book. "I'm just laughing at how crass fairy tales are and I never noticed," he said, setting the volume aside. "You landsmen have some interesting oral history. Did you read these as a kid?"

"Didn't read them," Dick said carelessly. "My mother told me the stories. She knew them all by heart."

"Hm." Garth reached down and smoothed the hair on the dark head resting on his thigh. "Dick?"


"Do you believe in happily ever after?"

"Happily ever after? As in, riding off into the sunset? One true love and soulmates and all that?"

"I was just trying to figure," Garth said thoughtfully, "where they stop counting. Happy until they die? Does nothing else happen to them? Why is the story over when they kiss and get married? How can you believe in happily ever after when there's so much left of the story that you never get to see?"

"Garth." Dick sat up and kissed Garth on the mouth, tasting the orange juice they'd drunk earlier. "The whole thing with that is...fairy tales suck for the main characters. They have these miserable lives until they find their true love. And then everything they do afterward is happy in some way...because they're together. I believe in happily ever after," he said, lying back down, "because I'm there."