Sea and Sky:


by Hotspur

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Disclaimer: Not mine, but not for profit, only for the entertainment of a few friends.


Dick lifted the package of Chocos from the bag of groceries Garth had brought in. "Are these for me," he asked, "or are you going to tell me about your secret affair with Martian Manhunter?"

"Oh, we broke up," Garth replied offhandedly, casually enough that it took Dick a beat to realize he was kidding.

"Oh, did you now?" Dick asked, opening the refrigerator to put the Swiss chard in the crisper.

"Mm," Garth answered, "he got really tired of me asking him to take your form."

Dick closed the refrigerator and turned, noting from Garth's quickly shifted eyes that his lover had been checking out his ass. "So how well did he do me?" Dick wondered, reaching back into the bag of groceries.

He gasped as Garth suddenly caught his waist and turned him, pressing him back against the counter. "*Did* he do you?" Garth demanded, just enough humor in his eyes to belie his stern expression.

Dick glanced at the can of soup stock in his own upraised hand and then smirked. "He and I had the same problem."

Garth let his leg slide insistently between Dick's thighs and raised an eyebrow archly. "He got tired of you asking him to take your form?"

Dick rubbed his crotch forward against Garth's leg, resting his empty hand against the counter and snugging one leg around Garth's hips, pulling him closer. "It was supposed to be a present for you. Two Dicks," he purred.

Garth removed the can from Dick's hand and set it on the counter, then wrapped his fingers around Dick's wrist in faux-menace. "I might hold you to that, you know," he growled, leaning forward more aggressively.

Dick turned his head to evade a kiss attempt, aiming his lips at Garth's earlobe and earning a groan when he managed a nip. "Maybe we should get a dildo," he suggested.

Garth's grip tightened on his wrist and he grabbed hold of Dick's supporting hand. "Maybe I should fuck you right now on the counter," he shot back.

Within Garth's grip, Dick pressed his hands against the counter to raise his hips, tucking his legs and then extending them up to rest his feet on Garth's shoulders. He grinned at his lover and licked his lips. "Promise?"

Another growl escaped Garth and he lowered his face to nuzzle Dick's crotch, assaulting the button fly of Dick's jeans with his teeth.

Dick hissed as the buttons came open, relieving some of the pressure on his surging cock. He squirmed as Garth began sucking at the front of Dick's boxers, wetting the cotton fabric with saliva and causing Dick to strain toward his lips. "Fuck, Garth," he murmured, forcing himself to regulate his breathing.

Garth opened his mouth around the bulge of Dick's cock, letting Dick feel the slightest hint of teeth.

Dick whimpered, trying to reach for Garth's hair.

Garth held his hands fast against the counter, his grip unbreakable.

Dick tried to tighten his legs around Garth, but when Garth had bent, Dick had lost any angle of control he had gained from having his legs on Garth's shoulders. Now his legs rested across Garth's back, unable to hook him close.

Garth nuzzled open the fly of Dick's boxers.

Dick went rigid as Garth's lips finally touched the skin of his cock. He stared down at his own crotch, watching as his lover worked with lips and chin to urge Dick's cock through the boxer fly. He could feel the occasional brush of Garth's teeth as he used them to pull the fabric aside, the smooth hard surface of them adding new sensations to the not-yet blow job.

Garth was a man with a mission, striving to expose Dick's cock to the air without resorting to the use of his hands, without letting go of Dick's wrists.

Dick was almost sure that this particular mission was going to be the death of him. He had almost no leverage. He could lift up by pressing down with his hands, but rocking his hips was out of the question. He could think of a few escapes, but they all involved breaking the contact between Garth's mouth and Dick's crotch and ... mmmm... he didn't want that. "Garth, please," he begged.

Garth ignored him.

"Just... suck me... please..."

There was no answer, just a studied continuation of the arrangement of cock and boxers.

Dick pressed his heels ineffectually against Garth's back. "Please..." Dick felt the cooler air of the apartment against the head of his cock, felt his now free cock bounce against the elastic of his underwear. "Garth -- oh GOD!"

Garth traced a broad stroke the length of Dick's cock with his tongue, finishing the lick by teasing his tongue across the hole at the tip of Dick's cock.

Dick tightened every muscle, trying to surge forward.

Garth still had him. Garth was... vibrating his lips against Dick's cock.

"Please... oh god, Garth... pl... please... AHHHHH!" Dick threw his head back and squeezed his eyes shut as Garth sucked down the head of his cock, bobbing on the top two inches of that aching flesh. He pressed against his hands to push up, but the angle was wrong, and his feet couldn't help him, and "Ohhhh, Gaarrrrrrth... ohhhhh..."

Garth's mouth was sucking him deeper; the head of his cock was rubbing the roof of Garth's mouth.

"Garth, I want... please... let me...."

Garth took him deeper still, and Dick could feel the back of Garth's throat.

He blinked and let himself lean back, half falling onto his elbows as he gasped and writhed. He looked down his body with half-lidded eyes, past his heaving chest to where Garth was sliding his mouth up and down Dick's cock. He paused on the upstroke with just the head of Dick's cock in his mouth, sucking.

Dick wimpered and groaned.

Garth didn't look up to Dick's face. He just began moving his mouth lower, lower... Dick felt his cock progressing over the roof of Garth's mouth, to the top of his throat, deeper...


He writhed on the counter, shooting his load into Garth's mouth, feeling him swallowing. He struggled helplessly to thrust, to move, but Garth held him and milked him with his mouth, stroking aftershocks from his body with continued touches of his tongue.

"Garth," Dick begged breathlessly, "let me... please, let me..."

Garth finally glanced up, violet eyes dark and hungry and pleased all at once. He slipped free of Dick's limp legs and released Dick's hands only long enough to pick Dick up, opting for a cradle carry instead of a fireman's carry.

Dick thought about struggling, complaining, but Garth fixed him with a look as he turned toward the bedroom. "The groceries," Dick protested feebly.

"They'll keep," Garth said firmly, and Dick had a feeling they'd be keeping a good while longer.