Sea and Sky:

A Night in Greece

by Mel

All characters property of DC comics, no infringement intended. This story was written entirely for Kerithwyn-Angel.


Dick glared at Garth. "You'd better not be laughing."

Garth's violet eyes were wide, his expression serious. "Do I look like I'm laughing?"

There was absolutely no doubt in Dick's mind. "Yes, you do! Stoppit." He twitched miserably.

Garth's eyebrows wavered for a moment and he turned his head to gaze out at the ocean for almost a full minute, the waves going up and down rhythmically. The hush-hush of those waves drifted up to the window where he sat, back straight, lips compressed briefly in a straight line before relaxing.

"I am not laughing," he said firmly, after a long wait. He glanced back at his lover. Dick was sprawled on his stomach, nothing between his skin and the cool stone floor. The cooler night breeze glided like silk through the wide open windows and doors and Garth held the edges of the garish Hawaiian shirt Roy had bought him as a joke still against his body, as he watched Dick lying there, prone and unmoving.

Dick contemplated moving, but it really was just too much. "Don't lie, I know that you're laughing on the inside." He twisted his neck, then winced at the sensation, but continued to look up at Garth. "This is all your fault, you know."

"How, exactly, is that?" Garth inquired, curious, not denying it.

"You went and left me alone while you went off for a swim," Dick explained. He frowned. "You shouldn't leave me alone, you never know what will happen."

Garth smiled. "I see. Evidently you should be watched all the time."

"I should. By you." Dick settled his face back on the floor now that agreement had been reached.

Garth stifled another smile and in swift long strides left the room. A bare minute later he was back. Dick opened his eyes a slit as Garth gracefully sat down on the floor next to him, then held out a tube expressively, then squeezed out some goo into his hands. His eyes twinkled as he brought both hands down onto Dick's butt, the goo still cold, freezing even against Dick's heated skin. Dick's eyes fluttered and he groaned and shifted into the rub.

Garth smiled and continued, his hands feather-light on Dick's skin.

Dick opened his eyes and captured Garth's gaze in his. "Just do me one favour?" he pleaded quietly, his voice strained.

Garth's teeth flashed in the half-light. "Anything."

"Please, promise me," Dick took a deep breath, "never ever tell Roy that I fell asleep and let my butt get sunburnt."