Sea and Sky:

A Good Day

by Casey

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Written in response to the Nightwing Masturbation Challenge made by nightwing22a. Thanks, 'Rith, for letting me play in your sandbox for a while!

This started out to be a good day.

It was one of those perfect days, with singing birds, bright sunlight, bagels for breakfast and a naked Atlantean in my kitchen. Perfect, that is, until my love decided he wanted onion and vegetable spread on his bagel which, of course, we didn't have. So rather than make do with what we have, he just had to go to the market to get some.

Now normally, I really wouldn't be this upset about it. I mean, the guy's a grown man, who happens to be an Atlantean diplomat to boot. But considering the amount of times we've been, um, 'interrupted' lately, I was really hoping today would be different. But as I hop up off the floor and feel the hardness between my legs shifting, I realize that Garth has been gone a long time. Too long.

The pushups didn't do any good. Neither did the sit-ups. And as I kick the corner of the workout mat up with my toes, I realize that laying on the floor half-naked was probably not the best way to take my mind off him.

I watch the tiny droplets of sweat drip from my head and hit the plastic as I tie up the mat, the tiny pools of water making me think of my Atlantean lover even more.

Walking through the bedroom, our bedroom, I remember last night and the passion that we shared. Absently, I rub the dark red mark on my belly and grin. I should've known he was part 'Puckerfish'!

The mat tucked away in the closet, I close the door only to stare blankly at my own reflection in the full-length mirror. Not bad. Could use a little more work on the delts, but not bad.

Slowly, I run my right hand to the back of my neck, working out the soreness as I close my eyes and enjoy the gentle pressure.

Damn it, Garth, where are you?

My hand slides lazily down my shoulder to my chest, sliding back and forth across the hard, smooth skin. I can feel my breathing become heavier as my fingertips glide gently, teasingly, across hardening nipples. I lick my lips, my mouth suddenly parched.

Purple eyes and long, slim fingers fill my thoughts as memories of hot, sweaty nights return to me. The fingers of my left hand move up my inner thigh, seemingly of its own volition, and begin tracing lazy circles around my navel, making patterns in the tiny hairs that run down my belly and beneath my sweatpants.

As a deep, satisfied moan begins in my chest, I look into the mirror through half-closed eyes. For a second, only a second, I think I should wait, wait for Garth to get home. But then the electric tingling on my bare skin and the sight of my own hands upon my body seduces me, promising that this won't take long....

I stop only long enough to literally hop out of my sweats and toss them aside before resuming the exploration of my chest and stomach. This time though, I watch as my fingers glide along the flat planes of my abs, tracing and tickling each muscle. Suddenly feeling 'naughty', I gasp as my right thumb and forefinger pinches my left nipple, rolling it between them.

Biting my lower lip, I open my legs, widening my stance, the wooden floor cool against my bare feet. My left hand slips slowly beneath the waistband of the black jockstrap I'm wearing, slithering down to cup my balls. My teeth dig slightly deeper into my lip as supple fingers gently twirl the coarse hairs.

God, I wish Garth were here....

I watch in the mirror as the motion of my hand stroking my balls causes the jock to slowly slide down my hand, exposing the tip of my cock. Raising my arm, I lick my right bicep, sliding my tongue along my arm until my thumb and index finger are in my mouth. Soaking them with my own saliva, I slowly bring them down to the tip of my member and run them around the tiny hole, making the entire head wet.

Oooh, Shhhiiii....

Practically ripping the jock off with my left hand, I grip the shaft of my cock with my right, enjoying the sight of myself standing naked and sweaty, playing with my body while I jerk myself off. Is this what Garth sees?

Completely nude now, I give in to the feelings of my hands roaming my skin. As my right hand continues to pump up and down on my cock, my left is sliding along every muscle, every curve, of my body. My shoulders, my chest, my nipples, my abs, my thighs, my balls...all of it.

My breathing is coming in short gasps now, the sight of my body and what I'm doing to it barely registering through blurry, half-closed eyes. All I know is the pleasure I'm feeling and the slow-yet-urgent building within my balls. I can feel it. The jerking motion of my hand speeds up. Soon...soon...

Suddenly, my eyes squeeze tightly closed and my entire body tenses as waves of ecstasy flow through me. Somewhere in the distance, I hear the tiny squeaking of my bare feet on the wooden floor, but I don't care. I throw my head back onto my shoulders, feeling beads of perspiration slap onto my back and ass as someone moans loudly in the background. It takes a second before I realize that it's me, but again, I don't care.

I feel drops of wetness splatter on my stomach, then on my chest, my shoulder. My entire body is spasming and I'm rocking back and forth on my heels. Tight, electric jolts shoot through my body before slowly melting into a deep tiredness. My right hand slows as my left runs through sweat-soaked hair. Lazily, I open my eyes, struggling to catch my breath. I'm exhausted. I look like Hell. I'm completely happy.

Looking down my body, I swipe at the tiny splotches of liquid, a bit surprised at the one that begins dripping down my shoulder. It's been a while since I've shot that far, especially in a standing position! I grin to myself as I notice similar splotches on the mirror in front of me. Guess I needed this more than I thought....

"You are going to clean that up, aren't you?"

I spin around to see Garth leaning against the doorframe, shirt off, jeans half undone and a grin on his face.

"Only if you clean me off first..." I smile back.

This might be a good day, after all.....