Sea and Sky:


by Chicago

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Dick could never not wake him when he came in from patrol. He tried, and Garth loved that he tried, but eventually Dick would make his way to their shared bed. It was never the weight of Dick's body on the springs; it was the *feel* of him, the way the air palpably changed against Garth's senses. Garth's body even expected it. When that *feel* did not happen, when Dick was detained or didn't come to bed by about 4, Garth would wake up anyway.

Dick had finally come to terms with it, although as Dick's still-chilled body curled against him in the predawn, Garth almost wished he had retained a modicum of effort.

"Sorry," Dick murmured, holding tight.

"'S'okay," Garth replied, meaning it. The shock of temperature change had startled him, but they were warming together quickly enough. Garth rolled onto his back and pulled Dick lazily to him. "Glad you're home."

Dick snuggled against his shoulder rather than taking the invitation for a kiss. "Were you dreaming?"

Garth kept his voice and breathing calm and steady, reading the cue that it had been a rough patrol. "Mmm, I was." He kissed the top of Dick's head.

"What about?" Dick prompted.


Dick raised his head to give Garth a look, and in the dim light, Garth could see darkening bruises on his jaw. "You were not."

"I was," Garth insisted mildly. "I was dreaming of the way your kisses taste."

"People don't dream in flavors," Dick said stubbornly.

Garth smiled and rubbed his hand gently along Dick's back, attuned for any flinch that might betray more bruises than the ones he could presently see. "I do. I was dreaming of the mix of coffee and morning breath that lingers on your tongue when you let me sleep in and come to wake me with kisses."

Dick pulled a face and settled his cheek back against Garth's chest. "Ew."

"No, I like it. It's you."

Dick was silent for a moment, and Garth continued to run a hand over Dick's back and shoulders in soothing circles. Garth knew Dick wasn't falling asleep.

After a time, Dick lifted his head again. "I'm so lucky to have you to come home to," he said, gazing steadily into Garth's eyes as if to convince him how serious he was.

"Me too," Garth agreed quietly, maintaining the eye contact.

Dick's mouth tightened for a moment in an oddly Batlike expression of emotion that Garth couldn't quite read, then he leaned forward and finally pressed his lips to Garth's. Garth opened his mouth to Dick, accepting the kiss and its momentary urgency. After a moment, Dick pulled away with a sigh and sank back down against Garth's shoulders. "I love you," he breathed, and the kiss had done something, because Garth could feel the sleep overtaking him.

"I love you, too," he whispered, holding him close in an almost sheltering gesture. He listened as Dick's breathing deepened, and in his mouth he rolled the blood-tinged taste of Dick's kiss.