Sea and Sky:


by 'rith

an S&S drabble
written for the NC17 Toonfiction list challenge

I actually wrote the first couple lines of this for LAST year's 4th of July challenge. How pathetic am I, that it took me a whole year to finish a 200 word fic? So very. :P

American holidays weren't his own, but he could reap the benefits of this one, at least; Dick had the day off, and had promised a special celebration.

Picnics were traditional, Garth mused, and maybe fireworks in the park this evening? It hardly mattered as long as they spent the blessedly free day off together.

Shortly after they'd awoken this morning Dick had chased him out of the bedroom, claiming he needed to "get dressed." Garth wasn't sure why that required him to leave the room, but Dick had insisted. Now, over an hour later, he wondered if this holiday involved some arcane preparatory ritual he hadn't been aware of.

"Everything all right in there?" he called.

"Yeah, almost done, just... one...more... got it!"

Dick emerged from the bedroom, covered in paint...and nothing else. Red, white, and blue colored paint, stripes and stars like the flag of the United States.

"Happy Fourth of July," Dick grinned. He ran a finger down his chest, smearing the design slightly, and brought it to his mouth. "Mmm, not bad. Wanna taste?"

"Three cheers for the red, white, and blue," Garth replied softly, and reached to handle the flag with all the reverence it deserved.