Fearful Symmetry: Timeline

by 'rith

Constantly undergoing revision as the universe develops.

Fearful Symmetry
Bruce's Age Event
Bruce Wayne first encounters the frightening bat-filled caves under his family estate.
Bruce Wayne's parents are killed. He is comforted afterward by Dr. Leslie Thompkins, a friend of the Waynes, who helps Alfred with his upbringing in the years to come.
Bruce is home-schooled by a number of increasingly more advanced tutors.
Bruce departs America to study overseas. He returns at various times during this period when opportunities present themselves for special training, such as learning boxing from Ted Grant.
While auditing law school classes, Bruce meets Harvey Dent, second-year law student (21). Sparkage ensues, though nothing physical occurs at this time.
Elsewhere, Helena Bertinelli's family is massacred. She is eight years old. Harvey Dent marries Gilda Gold after his graduation from law school.
Batman debuts. Forms partnership with Captain Gordon and District Attorney Dent as per Batman Year 1.
In open court, Bruce tackles Harvey to prevent him from being scarred by Sal Maroni's flung acid, though his own hand is permanently marked. Harvey later appears at the mansion to express his gratitude. Negotiation. Revelations.
Bruce Wayne is...otherwise occupied...when Haly's Circus comes to town. Batman investigates the murder later, tracks and apprehends Tony Zucco, and Wayne writes the victims' boy a nice big check. Dick Grayson (9) is shunted into foster care. Also this year, Batman rejects an offer to join the fledgling JLA now and at multiple times in the future. Men and Superman.
Harvey's father dies. A Death in the Family.
Gilda pregnant with twins. A Shift in the Balance.
Inspired by Batman's war on crime, sixteen-year-old Barbara Gordon makes her debut as Batgirl. To her dismay, Batman absolutely rejects her, going so far as to threaten prosecution by the zealous DA for her "criminal" actions. She retires the costume, more for her father's sake than her own. Also: Obligations, Naming of Names.
Business As Usual.
The Joker is gunned down by another inmate of Arkham Asylum after ten years of wreaking terror on Gotham's citizens. The motive is clear--the shooter's sister was killed in one of the Joker's rampages--and the gun's origin is never found. Subsequent prison reforms instigated by Dent shut the revolving door on Gotham's prisons, including Arkham.
Batman encounters Jason Todd (13) stealing the tires off the Batmobile and turns the boy over to social services.
Bruce and Harvey meet Dick Grayson (20), an Olympic hopeful interested in working with the Wayne Foundations for childrens' charities. Blue-Eyed Boy.
Tim Drake's (14) parents are killed by the Obeah Man. He enters the Gotham foster-care system and becomes an especial favorite of Gilda Dent.
early 37

mid-late 37

Fearful Symmetry and Fearful Symmetry (Flip Side), prior to NML and the appearance of Cassandra Cain.

A devastating quake rocks Gotham City, leading the federal government to order an evacuation and declare it a No Man's Land. Two Men's Land.

No Man's Land is over, but aftershocks remain. Reconstruction.

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