Fearful Symmetry: Character Notes
Jim Gordon

by 'rith

Jim knows. Jim knows *everything.* He knows Batman is Bruce Wayne. He knows Harvey Dent and Batman are more than just professional partners, and the idea bothers him a *lot*--not because he's a homophobe, but because he can't imagine Batman dropping his bat-shorts for anyone, or Harvey putting up with that arrogant prat Wayne. He's also probably more than a little infuriated at both of them on Gilda's behalf--though his own past with Sarah (while he was married to Barbara) makes him, reluctantly, understand it a little.

He's both impressed and alarmed at what they've accomplished in Gotham--it's mainly to the good, but their methods sometimes disturb him. He's wary of them as a team, because the two of them together are frightening in their mutual obsession. He knows they use him, and mostly allows it because their goals are similar. He suspects the things they don't tell him might require him to arrest one or both of them, but neither of them is stupid enough to leave prosecutable proof.

He's not friends with Batman--this Bat hasn't allowed it. Jim doesn't quite trust him, either, though fifteen years is long enough for him to have grown to *accept* him as necessary.

He thinks Harvey is one step from being Dictator of Gotham, and he's not far wrong.

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